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    The Planing Mill

    778 E Center Ave
    Visalia CA 93292
    (559) 713-0818
    • PUB QUIZ—Tuesdays @ 6:00pm
    About The Planing Mill


    Consider us your neighborhood pizza parlor with a gourmet twist. We visited some of the greatest pizzerias on the West Coast, took the best parts of each, and brought them to Visalia as best we could. Then we added our own Central Valley twist. The end result is our menu of  hearty, flavorful pizzas made with the freshest ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. From the adventurous “Thai Pie” to the customer favorite “Kitchen Sink”, there’s truly something for all types of pizza lovers. We rounded out our menu with a variety of signature sandwiches, farm fresh salads, and delicious appetizers like our bruschetta and artichoke fritters.

    Then there’s the beer. Twenty-one taps of fresh craft beer and cider plus a massive variety of cans and bottles.

    At The Planing Mill, we are committed to providing great food and guest service in a comfortable, family friendly atmosphere. We are also dedicated to serving our community through our monthly “Pizza with a Purpose” non-profit fundraisers and other efforts.

    Come see our spacious new location, complete with outdoor patio and lawn area. We think you’ll find The Planing Mill to be a pretty fun place to eat, drink and be merry with friends and family!

    But don’t just take our word for it. In 2017, the Visalia Chamber of Commerce named us Small Business of the Year!


    A lot of people see our name and spend the next few seconds trying to say it. Let us help. It’s pronounced “PLAIN-ing” Mill, though there’s certainly nothing “plain” about us!

    So why the name? Our first location was part of the original Visalia Planing Mill. Founded in 1851, the mill crafted specialty wood products for generations of Visalians. In fact, many older homes and businesses in town have doors and cabinets that were hand-crafted right here on our property. In honor of this legacy, and as a reflection of our commitment to artisanship, the name fit perfectly.



    Tue Oct 29 2019
    | by Quizmaster brian schulte

    It was a spooky themed night of King Trivia tonight at the Planing Mill. Burt Reynolds's Ghost and Tequila Mockingbird once again merged into a trivia cocktail, this time as Burt Cazadores. Early on, it was tasting good but still needed a dash of something else as they were in second place by a single point going into the break behind Mosquito Are Really Vampires. But a successful double in Round 6 as well as high scores in the other rounds put them into first place and mixological perfection. Mosquito Are Really Vampires made their inaugural appearance in the money with a second place finish, and Dr. Google also knew their haunted locations, getting a perfect score in Round 6 and finishing third.

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 18671 Burt Cazadores 64 14 1.000
    2 20942 Skeetz 60 13 0.929
    3 19791 Dr. Google 56 12 0.857
    4 23106 Keeping up with the Quizdashians 46 11 0.786
    5 20018 3's Company 42 9 0.679
    5 Tick Lick 42 9 0.679
    7 Socal Skeeter 40 8 0.571
    8 19820 You're a Quizzard Harry 39 7 0.500
    9 21419 Quizzical Therapists 38 6 0.429
    10 Bimbo Baggins 36 5 0.357
    11 17087 Top Two Percenters 30 4 0.286
    12 Just Here for the Boos 28 3 0.214
    13 Poison Ivy 19 2 0.143
    14 The Extras 16 1 0.071
    15 Nacho Daddy 8 0 0.000