The Recess Room

18380 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley CA 92708
(714) 377-0398
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One fateful day three decades ago, five boys picked up a game of handball during school recess on a Fountain Valley playground. They grew up together, became life-long friends and pursued their own ambitions. But they shared a deep love for their hometown and dreamed of one day opening a restaurant together where they could share good food, good drinks and reminisce about good times. The Recess Room is their childhood dream come to life.


Wed Jun 1 2022
| by Quizmaster Lorraine Chambers

The true trivia players make it to trivia even after a three day weekend! We had a full back room of trivia fun. One couple was on a first date. Thirsty Prezel had a family reunion with young Oliver in attendance, plus new and returning teams. It was a night to learn more about fun facts. Congratulations to the top 3 teams. Highway Star is still in the lead for most wins! He is always generous with sharing his victory wins with other teams. True team spirit. See you next week! 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 12170 Highway Stars 110 5 1.000
2 12876 Thirsty Pretzels 81 4 0.800
3 28833 Ava’s Minions 59 3 0.600
4 16043 The Implication 49 2 0.400
5 25525 Croc Spoon Chicken 35 1 0.200
6 68956 Dementors 25 0 0.000
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