The Slip Bar & Eatery

120 International Boardwalk
Redondo Beach CA 90277
(310) 376-8910
  • PUB QUIZ—Tuesdays @ 8:00pm
About The Slip Bar & Eatery

     At The Slip, we don't think food at a bar has to taste like bar food. In addition to delicious wings, pizza, burgers, and fries, we offer a Blue Zones certified menu with plenty of healthy and vegetarian choices.


        Watch the sun set over Redondo’s King Harbor and choose from over 60 hand-selected beers, plus wine and cocktails. The Slip is family-friendly and we have eight TVs so you can watch your favorite teams. We host an Open Mic every Wednesday and live music on the weekends.


        We’re located on the International Boardwalk of the Redondo Beach Pier right below the bike path, making us a perfect stop during a bike ride. Parking is also available in the lot at the apex of Harbor Drive and Pacific.




Tue Jan 1 2019
| by Quizmaster Colleen McCandless

If you missed trivia at The Slip on the first night of 2019, you missed everything.

When your humble Quizmaster walked into the bar, ready to set up and start the show, there were five people present -- including the bartender. At the bartender's suggestion, we waited about a quarter of an hour to see if any of our regular joes and janes would cruise on in to ring in the new year -- and two people did show up! And one who was already there... left. With a solid four teams -- three teams of one person and one team of two -- we shrugged our shoulders, tossed back our beers, and hopped in!

After discussion with the bartender, we decided to award only one prize: the first-place gift certificate of $30 to The Slip. It became a fast and loose game -- lots of bold doubles, teams shouting post-round jokes, even a name change to insult a dear friend. But there could only be one winner.

In the end it was UT, Eye who took that gift certificate with 44 total points! He roared back from an unsuccessful Round 3 double with a 20-point double in Round 6. That put him just two points ahead of buddy I'm With Stupid (later Bart Has A Micropenis), who also got that 20-point double to make up for an incorrect Round 4 guess. Third place was held by Sister Shook with 33 points, whose steady scores set them up for that spot nicely. Next was Team Solo Dolo, whose titular one-man might was enough to raise up the specter of 13 total points (including "one solid point" in that first round). And, as a fun surprise, The Girl in the Back joined in for the last two rounds and scored a total of 10 points!

It honestly was a rad way to start the year, playing some face-to-face trivia with a few fun folks. Thanks for giving your Quizmaster a good Jan 1.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 11138 UT, Eye 44 4 1.000
2 I'm With Stupid (Bart Has A Micropenis) 42 3 0.750
3 10785 Sister Shook 33 2 0.500
4 Team Solo Dolo 13 1 0.250
5 The Girl in the Back 10 0 0.000