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10543 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90064
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  • PUB QUIZ—Tuesdays @ 7:00pm
About The Stalking Horse

Our freehouse and brewery was created to honor the Cornish heritage we love so much, and the British beers we covet. Whether you are looking for a place to watch Premier League, a traditional cask ale or a yummy cottage pie, we've got you covered! 



Tue Jan 28 2020
| by Quizmaster Denisse Bon

This Tuesday brought January to an end of trivia at the Stalking Horse, and joining us were 6 marvelous teams. Creamy Mystery Soup earned themselves a $20 gift card when they placed in first, and second place team Laser Cats each got to take a crowler home. A pitcher of beer was enjoyed on the spot by Vodka Jesus Do? after placing third, and the charming Limey Bastards guessed the closest without going over to the answer for my drinking round question, and got drinks around the table! Shut Up We're Wizards played a great game, as well as the sweet couple, the Foxes, who joined us while they visit LA for the week.

Please join us again next Tuesday, and heck try the Buffalo Cauliflower! It is the most delicious healthy food posing as junk food I have ever tasted! They are absolutely BOMB!! Image provided! Big thank you to all players and The Stalking Horse, muah! TTFN!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Creamy Mystery Soup 55 5 1.000
2 10832 Laser Kitties 54 4 0.800
3 24774 Vodka Jesus Do? 53 3 0.600
4 24987 Shut up we're wizards 48 2 0.400
5 Limey Bastards 37 1 0.200
6 Foxes 25 0 0.000