The Whiskey Lounge @ Miro Restaurant

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    Los Angeles CA 90017
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    The Whiskey Lounge is our exclusive Whiskey Room located downstairs of Miro Restaurant. Upon entering our cellar-like staircase, and reaching a dimmer, you’ll step through a more intimate lounge set apart from the bright, modern lines of the main dining room. The Whiskey Lounge holds one of the most inclusive and eclectic whiskey collections in the city, with a menu specializing in classic cocktails. Whether it’s for Happy Hour with friends, after-dinner drinks with a date or a cocktail reception for the whole office, The Whiskey Lounge is the quintessential gathering spot in Downtown Los Angeles.


    Mon Oct 14 2019
    | by Quizmaster Daniel Grauerholz

    3 teams came to play tonight at the Whiskey Lounge (5 teams if you count the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions)! The drinks were flowing, the patrons were pumped, and quizmaster Dan was spinnin' fresh questions all night long! With 3 teams, the stakes were extremely high, with Dan figuratively sweating out a few rounds (unclear if this was residual from his typical Sunday hangover). "I've never seen anything like it, the questions or that weird MC," said one patron. As you can tell, it was quite the night at the Whiskey Lounge


    The Gummy Shots, Glutton for FUNishment, and Wein all came to play. The Gummy Shots proved their prowess, and over the course of the evening, double downed more times than the bar could count! They really wanted that $30 gift card, and more importantly, the title of first place. Our second place team, Wein, duked it out with our third place team, Glutton for FUNishment, for the elusive second place $20 gift card. A tough fought battle by all,


    Are you always looking for that elusive "WYD" text? Got no plans next Monday? Come on down to the Whiskey Lounge, at Figueroa and Wilshire! Cash prizes await, and a good time is always ready to be had. 6:00(ish)! BE THERE OR BE SQUARE.

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 18304 Gummy Bears 71 2 1.000
    2 Wein 43 1 0.500
    3 Glutton for FUNishment 33 0 0.000