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  • Tuesdays @ 8:00pm
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"A British pub so legitimate that British people actually frequent it, Woodland Hills' White Harte Pub is also popular with everyone from the just-turned-21 crowd to the middle-aged happy hour set."



Tue Oct 3 2017
| by Quizmaster Adam Hardie

All day today, I was thinking "geez, what can I do for a drinking round that I haven't done before?" And then it hit me! I't been staring me in the face, every Tuesday for the past few years! DARTS! 1 representative from each team threw a single dart, highest score won. 3 teams landed a scoring throw. Thankfully no one hit my PA (I think that's why I've never done it before.) Out of those 3 the highest score was 7, giving Dingo Daycare the win and some drinks!

Flaunting around a 3rd place win like Tony Stark flaunts the fact that he's Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr Mints!

Have you guys eaten the White Harte Burger? Have you ordered that with english bacon? I think our 2nd place team may have taken Mary's advice, because... STOP, Hammy-Time! Won some credit towards more pork products!

Tonight's champions won BIG! They had a perfect score in 5 of the 7 rounds and doubled down on 3 of them! there was a surefire method to the madness of Order of Chaos!

Congrats to our winners! Thank you ALL so much for playing! Please join me right here, same bat time, same bat channel! This is your friendly neighborhood Quizmaster signing off!


-Adam    \m/(>.<)\m/

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10770 Order of Chaos 82 7 1.000
2 10735 STOP, Hammy-Time 55 6 0.857
3 12669 Robert Downey Jr. Mints 46 5 0.714
4 10206 Go Big and Go Home 43 4 0.571
5 12244 Dingo Daycare 41 3 0.429
6 12210 I Believe in a Thing Called Love 37 1 0.214
6 Guns Don't Kill People, Country Music Does 37 1 0.214
8 WINosaurus Rex 32 0 0.000