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"A British pub so legitimate that British people actually frequent it, Woodland Hills' White Harte Pub is also popular with everyone from the just-turned-21 crowd to the middle-aged happy hour set."



Tue Oct 10 2017
| by Quizmaster Adam Hardie

I don't know about you guys, but I had a blast tonight!

What's Iron Man's favorite snack at the movie theater? Robert Downey Junior Mints! Who happen to be tonight's 1st place team! ... Ok, now that I read that back, it sounds like he's a cannibal...uh...MOVING ON!

Naaaaaaaaaaaaasiiiiiiiiveeeeeiiiiiinaaaaaaa!!! Showing off their wild side by doubling down back to back, Animal Kingdom claimed a 2nd place victory!

In 3rd place was a team who wasn't as confident as they usually are. Can't Double on This Shit only doubled once, but could've twice! Trust your guts guys, trust your guts!

Winning our "Luck of the Draw" drinking round where I drew a card from a standard deck, a representative from each team drew a card and hoped they got closest to mine. I drew the 8 of diamonds, Hard on Weinstein and WE let the Dogs Out drew the 7 and 9 of diamonds! So they had to rock paper scissors for it and the dogs were let out with some extra booze in their system! Which led to one of their members photo-bombing all other winning teams!

Congrats to our winners! Thank you ALL so much for playing! Please join me right here, same bat time, same bat channel! This is your friendly neighborhood Quizmaster signing off!


-Adam    \m/(>.<)\m/

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 12669 Robert Downey Jr. Mints 75 9 1.000
2 12717 Animal kingdom 66 8 0.889
3 10206 Can't Double on This Shit 62 7 0.778
4 12052 The More we Drink the Less we Know Stuff 58 6 0.667
5 10735 Hard on Weinstein 56 5 0.556
6 11772 WE let the dogs out 52 4 0.444
7 My Casting Counch Does Pull Out But Harvey Doesn't 47 2 0.278
7 12244 Dingo Daycare 47 2 0.278
9 12100 Shoeshiners 41 1 0.111
10 12618 Team Artemis 32 0 0.000