The White Harte

22456 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills CA 91364
(818) 224-3822
  • Tuesdays @ 8:00pm
About The White Harte

"A British pub so legitimate that British people actually frequent it, Woodland Hills' White Harte Pub is also popular with everyone from the just-turned-21 crowd to the middle-aged happy hour set."



Tue May 8 2018
| by Quizmaster Joel Goodman

Well it was another entertaining night of trivia at Woodland Hill's best bar to eat British style nachos, The White Harte! While regular Quiz Master Adam was away (on his honeymoon perhaps???), I, Quiz Master Joel filled in once again and witnessed Team All About Me take home a three point victory over team Tired But Still Here. Decomposing Mozarts finished in third with 54 points.

For the drinking round I asked for a commonly found object in a classroom and received the word "ruler." From there, players had to come up with the best punchline to a joke we would make up on the spot based on the suggested word.

Here's your winning joke from Team Artemis:

185 Rulers walk into a bar, and the bartender says,

"Hey, we don't serve rulers here!"

So the rulers said,

"Why? Don't we measure up?"

Ba dum dum! Have a great week White Harte!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10206 Black Dragon Society 60 5 1.000
2 12210 Cephalopods are my favorite! 57 4 0.800
3 10735 Tenders & Thai Sauce 54 3 0.600
4 12618 Team Artemis 45 2 0.400
5 Fatal Four Way 32 1 0.200
6 12669 Robert Downey Jr. Mints 25 0 0.000