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    "A British pub so legitimate that British people actually frequent it, Woodland Hills' White Harte Pub is also popular with everyone from the just-turned-21 crowd to the middle-aged happy hour set."


    Tue Sep 10 2019
    | by Quizmaster Adam Hardie

    I am blown away by the energy, the competitive spirit and let's face it, the freaking SMARTS of all my players tonight at The White Harte! You guys kick serious ass!

    Tonight's drinking round was "The First 15" where I set my playlist to shuffle and played the first 15 seconds of 10 songs. We heard, Tracy Chapman, Led Zeppelin, Weezer, Jimmy Buffet, Nirvana and more. Teams got a point for the band name and the song title for a possible 20 points! Of course the team with a name based on 90's songs won! Scotty Doesn't Know Stacy's Mom got the extra drinks!

    Coming in 3rd place tonight, they stared off slow. But they picked up some serious speed at round 5 because the sequel is better and Eddie Lives! Eddie and the Cruisers!

    I think that if it was only one Keith involved, he may have made it to 5th or 4th place. But due to the fact that this was a whole team of Keithi's proved that 1 Keith is a challenge, a bunch of Keithi's are a force to be reckoned with!

    Tonight's Champions not only won the drinking round but also the trivia game! With a perfect double in round 2 and a perfect 10 for 10 in round 5! Nineties kids will rejoice in the fact the Scotty Doesn't Know Stacy's Mom! One of those references involves Matt Damon! LOOK IT UP!

    Congrats to our winners! Thank you ALL so much for playing! Please join me right here, same bat time, same bat channel! (The White Harte, Tuesdays @ 8pm) This is your friendly neighborhood Quizmaster signing off!

    -Adam \m/(>.<)\m/

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 14206 Scotty Doesn't Know Stacy's Mom 60 7 1.000
    2 22617 Keithi 53 6 0.857
    3 18051 Eddie and the Cruisers 40 5 0.714
    4 Constant Gardeners 37 4 0.571
    5 15251 The Trivia Squanchers 31 3 0.429
    6 21571 Kirkin' Chirpits 25 2 0.286
    7 The New Guys 24 1 0.143
    8 22614 The Adaptive Unicorns 13 0 0.000