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Sun Sep 29 2019
| by Quizmaster Michael Cornacchia

13 LUCKY teams showed up to match their wits during this week's epic battle of King Trivia at Thunderbird. I could not be proud of all the teams for playing with heart, class, and most of all, liquor.

Shoutout to "Satan's Dragon" for coming back strong in round 5. I'd also like to commend a returning favorite, "2 Smart Chicas," for giving the teams that placed a run for their money the whole evening.

"Two Birds and a Buckeye" had no idea trivia was up in da house but jumped right in and played a great game.

I was also impressed with yet another returning favorite, "Bangarang," they sat near me and kept me laughing the whole night. They played a great game but unfortunately not great enough to place. Better luck next week, Bang! 😉

THIRD place was achieved by Thunderbird's beloved, "Cardinal Rosenberg."

"A Team Has No Name" came in SECOND place proving that labels are a man-made construct meant to keep us pinned down...

...sorry, got on a soapbox there for a minute....

AND the MOST smartest team of the evening, placing FIRST place was "Dan Mitchell and The Pacellis." Dan and his friends win almost every week and this weeks they added the series I wrote, directed, and produced a few years back to their name.*

*That did NOT help them win, btw.**

** seriously

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10355 Dan Mitchell and The Pacellis 56 9 1.000
2 21564 A Team Has. No Name 45 8 0.889
3 10439 Cardinal Rosenberg 40 7 0.778
4 10937 Two Smart Chicas 39 6 0.667
5 18157 Hey Judy 37 5 0.556
6 21743 Bangarang 33 4 0.444
7 Satan’s Dragon 23 3 0.333
8 Two Birds and a Buckeye 22 2 0.222
9 Team Bar 19 1 0.111
10 Apt 104 17 0 0.000