12217 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90025
(424) 293-8830
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Tequila, tacos, turn up. Serving original Tex-Mex, karaoke, skee ball, and crafty not so crafty cocktails. Open till 2am daily.


Sun Feb 9 2020
| by Quizmaster Michael Cornacchia

We had a great night of King Trivia at Thunderbird while just up the street Hollywood held the Oscars. 14 teams came out to compete to see who would go him in first place as the most smartest. We had a lot of returning faves who are registered here at KingTrivia.com which also adds 2 additional points to their scores! Out of the gate at the end of Round 1, "Two Smart Chicas" and Dan Mitchell to Colorado" scored the highest with 8 points. But not far behind with 7 points was "Joker Is Overrated," "3 Guys & Fries," and "Beat Billy." Round 2 is our picture round where all the teams have to guess the 8 items on our picture handout. No one guessed all 8 but "Dan Mitchell" and "3 Guys" scored 7 while "Joker Is Overrated," "Let's Get Quizzical," and "Whiskey Nachos" answered 6 of the pictures correctly. "Joker" and "3 Guys" BOTH DOUBLED their scores in Round 3 when they placed an "X" in the upper right hand corner of their round wagering double or nothing... they both answers ALL their questions correctly which in turn DOUBLED their score for that round to 12! Had they gotten even one answer wrong, they would have scored a big ole "0" for the round. So hats off to them! Hats off to "Dan Mitchell" who won the Drinking Round" when they were the only team to correctly guess the kind of alcohol George, the bartender, enjoys the most! Oh and I'm not going to tell it here in case we do that drinking round again. 😉 None of our teams were able to Guess Who in Round 4 on the white privilege point clue. But "Joker" was the only team to guess it on the 8 point clue. "Dan Mitchell" answered all 10 questions correctly in Round 5. "Cardinal Rosenberg" not only did the same but they also DOUBLED their score when they marked the Double or Nothing box on their round gaining 20 points!! "Cardinal" ALSO matched all 10 answers correctly on our matching handout round, Round 6. "Almost Third" answered 9 while "Joker Is Overrated" answered 8! "3 Guys" came out ahead in our last round, Round 7, when they DOUBLED their score with 18 points sailing them ahead of everyone else to 63 points and in FIRST place. They also received $30 in chips towards their next Thunderbird visit. "Joker Is Overrated" placed SECOND with 57 points and $20 in Thunderbird chips towards their next visit. And "Cardinal Rosenberg" went home in THIRD place with 55 points and $10 in Thunderbird chips towards their next visit. Thanks to George, the rest of the bar, kitchen, and waitstaff for their stellar service. Looking forward to next time!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10291 3 Guys & Fries 63 12 1.000
2 21401 Joker Is Overrated 57 11 0.917
3 10439 Cardinal Rosenberg 55 10 0.833
4 10355 Dan Mitchell to Colorado 47 9 0.750
5 And in Last Place 39 8 0.667
6 25197 Beat Billy 36 7 0.583
7 10937 Two Smart Chicas 33 6 0.500
8 10767 Mentor de Force 31 5 0.417
9 25196 Let’s Get Quizzical 30 3 0.292
9 Whiskey Nachos 30 3 0.292
11 Almost Third 29 2 0.167
12 Our Answers Deserve an Oscar 28 1 0.083
13 The A-Team 21 0 0.000
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