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    Twisted Sage Cafe opened its doors in March of 2011.  A warm and inviting family-owned business, Twisted Sage is continually changing and adapting to our customers’ needs.

    TSC is committed to providing a high level of service in a relaxed atmosphere, with a twist on traditional sandwiches, burgers, salads, made from scratch soups and fresh baked pastries.

    The easy-going, casual atmosphere and quick-service ordering accommodates the on-the-go customer as well as those wanting to sit and relax. We also accommodate local businesses with easy pre-order, delivery, and catering services.  TSC offers pet-friendly outdoor seating and water bowls for our furry friends, as well!

    Come become a part of our “twisted” family!  We’d love to have you here.

    *Our dedication to “green” practices has led us to use reclaimed woods, recycled paper goods, bags, handmade mugs, and energy efficient appliances in our cafe.


    Fri Feb 1 2019
    | by Quizmaster Jordan Petersen

    21 individual well-stocked teams showed up to Twisted Sage Cafe on Friday night to duke it out for bragging rights as winners of its inaugural trivia night event. In the end, only one team could claim the crown.

    Round one had N'Think on top, but Dead Ringers pulled ahead in the next round after a successful double down. Round three proved an upset for N'Think after missing the bar on the double down with 2 new teams stepping forward to claim the first three places. Round 4 had 2/3 of the teams all submit within the first minute fo the first clue being read, separating the teams into 2 camps. Dead Ringers was able to get it on the 8 point clue and stay in the running. The find the connection round proved challenging with few teams finding the connection, but only one getting all answers right, but without doubling down. That team, was Plow King, who up until this point had only missed 5 questions total. Plow King would go on to double down in round 6 successfully with only one other team following suit: Ric Flair Drip. With only one round left, the top 2 teams only needed a couple points to hold onto their spots and thats exactly what they did. That, however, did not stop Urgent Care from a MASSIVE double down, rocketing them from 14th place up to 4th place. Despite the noble effort, the first 3 teams were too deeply entrenched with their dominant scores to be dethroned.
    It was a noble fight til the end, but ultimately Plow King got on top and stayed on top all night long. Congratulations to Plow King and a sincere thank you to the other 20 teams who showed up. We Hope to see you all duke it out again next week.

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 Plow King 70 19 1.000
    2 17772 Ric Flair Drip 65 18 0.947
    3 General Knowledge 58 17 0.895
    4 Urgent Care 49 15 0.816
    4 17778 Dead Ringers 49 15 0.816
    6 17770 Jam 43 12 0.684
    6 Wine is Good For Your Heart 43 12 0.684
    6 17631 Zippity Zoppity 43 12 0.684
    9 17771 Not Dead Yet 42 11 0.579
    10 Ramrod 40 9 0.500
    10 17774 Nosimis! 40 9 0.500
    12 Rock McCallister 38 8 0.421
    13 16453 Don't Thun That Drop Drop Drop 37 7 0.368
    14 15586 N'Think 36 6 0.316
    15 17779 Mami's Chulas 30 5 0.263
    16 Cosmo 29 4 0.211
    17 17775 Games Over 27 3 0.158
    18 Taylor Taylor 24 2 0.105
    19 Hoo-Ray 23 1 0.053
    20 Fabulous 80's 14 0 0.000