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About Twisted Sage Cafe

Twisted Sage Cafe opened its doors in March of 2011.  A warm and inviting family-owned business, Twisted Sage is continually changing and adapting to our customers’ needs.

TSC is committed to providing a high level of service in a relaxed atmosphere, with a twist on traditional sandwiches, burgers, salads, made from scratch soups and fresh baked pastries.

The easy-going, casual atmosphere and quick-service ordering accommodates the on-the-go customer as well as those wanting to sit and relax. We also accommodate local businesses with easy pre-order, delivery, and catering services.  TSC offers pet-friendly outdoor seating and water bowls for our furry friends, as well!

Come become a part of our “twisted” family!  We’d love to have you here.

*Our dedication to “green” practices has led us to use reclaimed woods, recycled paper goods, bags, handmade mugs, and energy efficient appliances in our cafe.



Fri Mar 29 2019
| by Quizmaster Jordan Petersen

March 29th seemed like a night like any other, but the competing teams at Twisted Sage Cafe would soon find out how challenging these questions would really be. The first round was a misguiding underhand lob used to boost the confidence of the teams as more than half the teams got every answer correct and 4 teams successfully doubled down. Even after round 2, the confidence of these teams did not falter. 3 more double downs occurred in this round with a few high scores being stifled by the shockingly similar likenesses of Elvis and Johnny Cash when the chosen medium is butter. The real challenge ramped up exponentially with round number 3. The varied usages of "Nick" and "Cage" were as ambiguous as they were ubiquitous. This kept the top contending teams in check and ready to lock and load for the famously challenging "Guess Who" round; however, nobody was prepared for the inconceivably difficult clues leading them Inside the Actor's Studio. Unfortunately for every team battling for first place, nobody was up to speed on the James Lipton knowledge and every team that scored had to resort to the 5th clue for a measly 2 points. This kept it anybody's game before heading into the Free Beer Round. Contestants had to guess the year of the first NCAA men's basketball tournament in the spirit of March Madness. The top team at that point in the night, Big Group Small Brains, was able to clinch the free beer round as well, with the close trailing teams perhaps hoping the beer would go to their heads. But falter they did not. BGSB was able to put up a respectable 7 points in the "Find the Connection" round. Most teams did not know the capital of French Guiana, but some were still able to make the connection that Barry Pepper isn't a type of pepper at all, but an actor with the very fitting name. This curve ball didn't slip up The Tipsy Lemurs who closed the gap to first place by getting 9 points in that round. Round 6 also proved challenging with the top teams scoring decent and the rest of the pack varying. For round 7, only Potterheads prevailed with Team Bust a Move scoring the most points with 8 out of 10 possible answers. In the end, Big Group Small Brains was able to hold out against the stiff competition put on by The Tipsy Lemurs and Bust a Move earned a very respectable 3rd place. An honorable mention goes out to Periodic Table Dancers. They are always fearsome contenders for first place and while they weren't able to put much on the board this time, its only due to the fact that they doubled down almost every single round, risking it all in the ultimate show of unshakable confidence. See you all this Friday for more King Trivia!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 16020 big group small brains 61 8 1.000
2 13436 the tipsy lemurs 54 7 0.875
3 19009 Bust a move 52 6 0.750
4 18353 Team Avatar 42 5 0.625
5 19008 Pussy Galore 39 4 0.500
6 16087 6 is the perfect Number 33 3 0.375
7 18662 Twisted Lukes 31 2 0.250
8 19005 Hoof hearted 22 1 0.125
9 17911 periodic table dancers 12 0 0.000