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Fri Apr 12 2019
| by Quizmaster Jordan Petersen

What in the world could possibly be said about Friday night's trivia match that hasn't been written in the most epic stories of the modern age? The night was already rife with tension before the questions were written after 6 is the Perfect Number got a heartbreaking second place, losing to their born nemesis 28 is a Perfecter Number last week. But tonights epic comeback saga isn't even about this particular team, regardless of how bad they wanted it. Just one of the epic comebacks tonight was from Periodic Table Dancers. Last week, this team had the Texas-sized cajones to double down in damn near every single round of the night, losing every last point to single near miss answers. They ended the night with less than 10 points, but they did NOT give up. They came back with a vengeance this week, but we will elaborate on that later on. The night started out with a rather difficult first round that nobody perfected. The score margins were narrow but this was to be expected. Once round 2 comes about, a typical night will see some clear front runners, but this was not a typical night. The scores were still incredibly tight with GND scoring the most points in this round by only missing two of the more obscure SNL character names. Round 3 was one of the most challenging round of trivia I have yet to witness with the average score only 3 points. Smart But Not in That Way were able to score the most points in this round and it was also their very first night with King Trivia! When I spoke to Claire Lilly and asked if they wanted to submit an answer sheet for Round 3, they declines, claiming that they didn't know a single one, but they claimed they would make a big time comeback. Going into Round 4, a round notorious for its challenging and obscure answers, here was a widening gap between first and last place and things weren't looking strong for a big time comeback, but one should never doubt the resolve of a triviagoer. Staying true to their word, Claire Lilly was able to guess who round 4 was referring to within 5 seconds of reading the first clue. With this staggering 10 point boost, they instantly rocketed from last to first place and just like that the tables had turned so hard they made the record scratch noise. The air hung thick with concentration as every other team scrambled to scrape the dark recesses of their memories for the famous person the clues referred to. No other team got it right until the 4 point clue and by this time, Smart But Not in That Way pulled into first place.

Next came the free beer round, and I decided to shake things up a bit. Each team was to send up their most musically inclined teammate. From here, each competing person had to say the next word to the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth. With such a popular song that has been around for 2 decades I pictured us getting into the second verse, but by 7 words in, everybody guessed wrong and I had to convert it to spelling bee rules. For someone to win, they had to correctly guess the right word, so everyone had to come back up until SOMEONE got the lyric right. The winner was none other than Smart But Not in That Way who was having a dynamite time. Needless to say, they'll likely be back.

From here we moved on into the find the connection round, where things got real hairy. Twisted Sage Cafe Trivia Night veterans Big Group Small Brains was able to successfully double down on Round 5 to skyrocket themselves back into first place where they seem to be most comfortable. Round 6 also proved incredibly challenging as far as Round 6 goes. With nobody able to answer correctly unless they were connoisseurs of fine art, most teams had trouble with it, except for Friday Night Lites with an 8 and Periodic Table Dancers with a full 10. Now at this particular point it bears mentioning that Periodic Table Dancers were in a strong second place position. But a quick analysis of the scoreboard would show you that they had correctly answered every question in both big point rounds (5 & 6). Now do you recall earlier how they had a problem doubling down too often last time? Now it was the opposite issue. Some quick math would tell you that if Periodic Table Dancers had doubled down both of those rounds, they would have shut out every other team from the first place spot before Round 7 even began, all they would've had to do was turn in their pen for 2 points. This was one hell of a dominant game played by Periodic Table Dancers. Regardless of the lack of risky yet rewarding double downs, this team came to PLAY and play they did. For Round 7 they were down but not out, solidifying a second place finish behind Big Group Small Brains. Third place was hard-earned by Smart But Not in That Way who truly just caught on way too quickly. For a first night playing, a third place this solid truly deserves a round of applause. But edging out the other teams in true veteran trivia fashion was Big Group Small Brains.

Come back next week for another intense night of King Trivia


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 16020 Big Group Small Brains 44 7 1.000
2 17911 Periodic Table Dancers 38 6 0.857
3 19310 Smart - but not in that way 34 5 0.714
4 18662 Twisted Lukes 31 4 0.571
5 16087 6 is the perfect number 29 3 0.429
6 13436 friday nite lites 27 2 0.286
7 GND 21 1 0.143
8 Claire Lilly 13 0 0.000