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Fri May 31 2019
| by Quizmaster FIONA CUMMINGS

A very close game on the last day of May! Huah aka General Knowledge doubled down successfully in the Visual round, displaying an impressive knowledge of who played famous singers in movies, leaping into a substantial lead! (which nudged me to play some Elton John and some Ray Charles during the breaks, so thanks for that)

However they were ambushed by the Who is it Round and, with a successful guess of Whoopi aka Gainan at 10 points, That's a Stupid Name took over. But they in turn lost the lead with an unsuccessful double down in the connections round (and Woody Allen was to blame, decreasing his popularity even further within the group), so going into Round 6 it was anyone's game with 5 points separating all the teams. Very exciting stuff!

Beerly Legal lived up to their name, knowing all 10 TV lawyers and successfully doubling down, but so did That's a Stupid Name, to remain 2 points behind.

The fate of the game rested on Ice Cream flavors, and Beerly Legal managed to hold on by one point. No one got the somewhat controversial Moose Tracks flavor and it could be argued (and indeed it was!) that Neopolitan is not a flavor but 3 flavors, so the "quizmistress is always right" rule came in handy!

Thank you to all teams for a fun evening, and the Twisted Sage for the excellent food and beverages including the Free Pitcher for the Irish Geography beer round (also won, but generously shared, by Beerly Legal).

I apologize for the lack of pictures - rookie error!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14716 BEERLY LEGAL 57 6 1.000
2 19383 That's A Stupid Name 56 5 0.833
3 17163 Mid or Feed 40 4 0.667
4 15586 General Knowledge 39 3 0.500
5 17911 Periodic Table Dancers 36 2 0.333
6 20240 In the lead with 250 points 33 1 0.167
7 Kay's Angels 32 0 0.000