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    Santa Clarita CA 91355
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    The Dudes’ Brewing Company is a Torrance-based craft brewery founded in 2013. The Dudes’ specialize in innovative approaches to classic beer styles designed to appeal to casual beer drinkers and craft beer fanatics alike. The Dudes’ current offerings include: Double Trunk Double IPA, CalifornIPA, Grandma’s Pecan English Style Brown, JuiceBox Series: Blood Orange Amber, JuiceBox Series: Peach Berliner Weisse, Bohemian Hopsody Session IPA, The WRug White Russian Imperial Stout, Kölschtal Eddy Blonde Ale, Surfrider American Pale Ale as well as other seasonal offerings.


    Enjoy! If you would like to learn more about the people that make the Dudes’ brews possible, you’re out of luck because it’s not about us, it’s about our brews, dude.


    Fri Aug 16 2019
    | by Quizmaster Cheryl Cosenza

    Seems all our players were on the same wavelength -- all came up with the same wrong answers: What word follows "beef" ? Everyone said either Jerky or Patty... nope. The worst place for a wedding proposal? Everyone said Wedding or Funeral... nope. And apparently, y'all like Ranch on your pizza! We had to ask the experts at The Dudes about that one...

    Shout out to Dumb & Dumber for drawing tiny pictures of their answers - always a good thing to have visual aids!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 I Ate a Pregnant Lady and a Little Hand Reached Out and Grabbed My Tongue 46 7 1.000
    2 Boomer 44 6 0.857
    3 19990 Clueless 40 5 0.714
    4 21734 Dumb & Dumber 24 4 0.571
    5 Team Connor 21 3 0.429
    6 14604 A Question Says What? 14 2 0.286
    7 Dudettes 12 1 0.143
    8 Team Ramrod 4 0 0.000


    Fri Aug 9 2019
    | by Quizmaster Cheryl Cosenza

    A fun time was had by all! The answer "inner thigh" became a thing. Some people think a narwhale is a mythical creature. Others associate donuts with the po po. Imagine that.

    Isn't it always the team that didn't come to play and didn't plan to stay that wins?!?!!?

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 High Five 48 10 1.000
    2 Ozzy 47 9 0.900
    3 Spicier than your Momma's Chili 39 8 0.800
    4 21926 Morning After Pilsner 38 7 0.700
    5 Tiger Team 32 6 0.600
    6 21925 What’s Happnin’ 30 5 0.500
    7 Owfyc 21 4 0.400
    8 Hufflepuff 17 3 0.300
    9 EuroStepLager 7 2 0.200
    10 Team Amerika 5 1 0.100
    11 Gomez 3 0 0.000


    Fri Aug 2 2019
    | by Quizmaster Cheryl Cosenza

    It was the first night of Survey Slam and, for lack of a better word, it was SLAMMIN'!

    The jazz festival was playing outside, the pizza was baking inside, and the beers were nice and cold on this hot summer evening.

    We learned a lot of things throughout the night - not only about those who took the on-line survey but also about some of our players at the game.


    Name a horror movie villain you think might be secretly good in bed.

    Well, a lot of our teams thought Jason or Freddy would be good, but one team likes 'em small and said Chucky from Child's Play. The number one answer according to our survey was Dracula! Makes sense - he is a romantic and he'll suck you dry...of blood! Congrats to No Chance for being the only team to get that one right.


    Everybody agreed with our survey when asked: "what is something you don't want to be doing when on the big screen at a football game?" If you find yourself in this situation, don't be picking your nose! Better to be picking your friends nose, am I right? Hello? Hello? *crickets*

    None of our teams agreed with the survey takers when asked to name a fast food restaurant you would never set foot in. Some of the answers from our teams? McDonald's, Arby's, Wendy's, and even Olive Garden (not quite fast food there, though). Number one answer from our survey? Chik-fil-a! It's a political thing.


    The crowd was cheering, the music was blasting, and everybody had a great time. Join us this Friday for all new questions based on our weekly survey. Until then, keep on slammin'!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 21735 Castaic Pirates 65 9 1.000
    2 No Chance 61 8 0.889
    3 Boyer 53 7 0.778
    4 21737 Peaky Blinders 48 6 0.667
    5 The Fantastic 5 🙂 46 5 0.556
    6 21734 Dumb & Dumber 36 4 0.444
    7 21733 Dreamydodos 34 3 0.333
    8 21183 Hot Flash Fembots 26 2 0.222
    9 The Charming Chupacabras 22 1 0.111
    10 The Honey Badgers 21 0 0.000