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Local bar promoting fresh classic cocktails, local California beers on draft and a friendly atmosphere.



Wed Sep 11 2019
| by Quizmaster Michelle Kim

Fun game tonight! We had 3 teams compete for 4 LA Dodgers tickets and boy were they competitive.

After round 1, we had team The Bundys and The Trashmen tied at 3 points. However after receiving 8/8 points from round 2 the Bundys were in the clear lead. They correctly guessed all the famous actors who had cameos on Grey's Anatomy. Good job Bundys!

In the end, team The Bundys got 30 points and also their 4 Dodgers Tickets, but we all had blast! Great job everyone!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 The Bundys 30 2 1.000
2 The Trashmen 26 1 0.500
3 Gin Fizzies 20 0 0.000


Wed Sep 4 2019
| by Quizmaster Jerry Hernandez

Labor Day may have passed, but September still brings the heat and we call it, KING TRIVIA! The Stache Bar Trivia Night started out with 6 teams battling for the #1 spot. Early on, The Previous Team Is Here For the Wrong Reason Don't Give Them A Rose, dominated through the first six rounds. Team Charlie chipped away at the lead and in the sixth round, they overtook Wrong Reason and leaped into first. The final round allowed Wrong Reason to stage a comeback and they tied! This led to the crucial tie-breaker. Both team mulled over their answers and when the smoke cleared, Team Charlie came out on top. It was an incredible night and I was so glad to have witnessed such dramatics!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1* Team Charlie 34 4 0.900
1 17061 The previous team is not here for the right reasons. You shouldn't give them a rose. 34 4 0.900
3 The Drunks 26 3 0.600
4 Oh No Joe 13 0 0.200
4 Impeach 13 0 0.200
4 Jenga Table 13 0 0.200
* Won Tiebreaker


Wed Aug 28 2019
| by Quizmaster Michelle Kim

Fun game tonight with 5 teams! We had players playing for free round of drinks! Round 1 didn't seem too hard as many players got more than half the questions right. I think the most interesting question for this round was "What animal did Lord Byron keep as a pet while at Cambridge?" The answer was a Bear!

In the end, team HBIC got first place with a whopping 60 points and team Unlike My Couch, I don't Pull Out (funny team name) got second place with 41 points. Great job everyone!


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 HBIC 60 4 1.000
2 Unlike my couch, I don't pull out 41 3 0.750
3 21455 Ohio Express 29 2 0.500
4 Oh no Joe 24 1 0.250
5 Your mom 15 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker