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Celebrating 25 years in Toluca Lake!!
From the start our mission has been simple, to provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere with excellent standards of food, drink and hospitality to make you want to return again and again.


We’ve taken our appreciation of the traditional Irish pub and combined it with a contemporary approach to create the perfect environment to gather with friends and family.


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Wed Aug 2 2017
| by Quizmaster Tim Barkas

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.
Wisdom is knowing not to add it to a fruit salad.

Another form of wisdom is knowing that Ace Tomato Company is a formidable quiz opponent. Take last night, for instance. The were tied with To Infinity and Beyoncé for the entire quiz this week at Timmy Nolan's in Toluca Lake. But the Tomatoes squeezed out a slim, four-point win in the final round, with TI&B a very close second.

It's worth pointing out that Salsa, Haggis, & Greens was right there with 'em until a tragic misstep in the 5th Round caused 'em to fall a little behind. But they still ended up with a respectable 79 total points and the 3rd Place finish!

See ya next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 11501 Pacific Courier Freight 88 8 1.000
2 To Infinity and Beyoncé 84 7 0.875
3 11746 Salsa, Haggis, & Greens 79 6 0.750
4 12099 Les Quizerables 64 5 0.625
5 10078 Sister Act 2000 51 4 0.500
6 10074 The Mooch is on The Loose 48 3 0.375
7 Brainstorm 43 2 0.250
8 Midwesterners 30 1 0.125
9 The Gaza Strippers 25 0 0.000


Wed Jul 26 2017
| by Quizmaster Tim Barkas

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”
― Winston Churchill

Greetings, friends and fellow quizzers! Today's recap will be a little different. We focus not on our three winners from this week's quiz at Timmy Nolan's in Toluca Lake, but rather on the courageous, intrepid, bold, determined, audacious, unflinching and stouthearted men of Sister Act 6: City Under Siege. 

There they are, in photo #1 above! Study those faces. Consider their bearing. These, my friends, are MEN! Manly men who stand straight and lean into the fight no matter the odds! Yes, my friends, these are the kind of men that other men aspire to be, and I'd be proud to call these Sisters my brothers!!

What, you might ask, has triggered my gushing admiration and respect? I'll tell you! Any team can attempt to double - crash and burn - and keep coming back for more. A somewhat smaller number of teams might attempt a subsequent double - eat dirt - and once again smile through it all. But it takes a special grade of wild-eyed madman to execute three failed double attempts back-to-back-to-back, self-destruct in spectacular fashion like these guys did last night - and smile through it all!

My God it was glorious! When made aware of this tremendous, courageous failure, the crowd at Timmy Nolan's - including our winners Hieroglyphic Buttjam, Salsa, Haggis & Greens and Juice on the Loose gave the Sisters a well-deserved round of applause!!

In previous iterations, you might have encountered them as...

  • Sister Act (May 17)
  • Sister Act 2: Red, White & Blonde (May 31)
  • Sister Act Goes to Jail (June 7)
  • Sister Act: Nemesis (June 14)
  • Sister Act 2: Judgement Day (June 21)
  • Sister Act: Ariel's Beginning (June 28)
  • Sister Act: Sister vs Predator (July 5)
  • Sister Act 2: Dark Territory (July 12)
  • Sister Act: Age of Ultron (July 19)

But no matter what they call themselves, or what trendy movie they reference, these dudes are bros, man! Bold, beautiful bros! Sisters, we salute you!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Heiroglyphic Buttjam 78 10 1.000
2 11746 Salsa, Haggis, & Greens 77 9 0.900
3 10074 Juice on the Loose 75 8 0.800
4 Classy Jenn 69 7 0.700
5 11501 Pacific Courier Freight 59 6 0.600
6 TBD...IDK... We're Above All That 56 4 0.450
6 10201 Bringing Up The Rear 56 4 0.450
8 Gaza Strippers 45 3 0.300
9 10750 The Fighting Cottage Crazies 38 2 0.200
10 10078 Sister Act 6: City Under Siege 33 1 0.100
11 11329 Will Strip For Guinness 23 0 0.000


Wed Jul 19 2017
| by Quizmaster Rebecca Feldman

What a fantastic night at Timmy Nolan's! I surprised the players and was the guest host for the evening. Thank you for an enjoyable night. R. Kelly had a huge presence with some team names - "R. Kelly Has My Daughter" was my personal fav.

Congrats to Ace Tomato Company, Unex-It and Gerkin Off!

Thanks for making it out on a Wednesday night and hope to see you all next week, where I resume with my team and play for the gold!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 11501 Pacific Courier Freight 73 9 1.000
2 11032 Unex-It 71 8 0.889
3 10074 Gerkin Off 57 7 0.778
4 10078 Sister Act: Age of Ultron 42 6 0.667
5 11996 Managed Expectations 41 5 0.556
6 Rhymes with Baguette 37 4 0.444
7 11329 R. Kelly Has My Daughter 36 3 0.333
8 Getting the Band Back 35 2 0.222
9 Gaza Strippers 34 1 0.111
10 R. Kelly's Kiddie Club 27 0 0.000