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King Trivia is hosting a special trivia night at The Oaks Tavern in Sherman Oaks to benefit Alive & Running and Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, a 5K run and an organization dedicated to suicide prevention.

This King Trivia® Cares event will take place during our normal trivia time at The Oaks Tavern, on Sunday, September 16th, 2018, from 7:30-9:30 PM.

No purchase necessary to play trivia, though if you do donate at the event, you will be eligible to win a portion of the proceeds!

Suicide is a serious public health problem. In 2016, 1.3 million people attempted suicide, and 44,965 died by suicide in the U.S. A recent report released by the CDC indicated that suicide rates went up more than 30% in half of all states since 1999, and only one state showed a decrease in the rate of suicide over this period of time.

Last year their center took over 100,000 calls and chats from people in crisis, and they can only do it with volunteers and donations. Consider joining in this fun event to help support those in our community going through their lowest moments.

Your generosity and donations are crucial to us as we move into our new Suicide Prevention Center of Excellence and continue to provide numerous high quality services, in addition to expanding the clinical services that we provide. Please join us in helping to raise as much funding as possible!!

Here are a few examples of how we put your generous donations to good use:

1. Outreach Materials:
• $112 provides 1,000 “About Suicide” info cards.
• $112 provides 1,000 Survivors of Suicide Attempts (SOSA) info 
• $350 provides 1,000 Suicide Prevention Center Brochures.
• $350 provides 1,000 Survivors after Suicide Brochures.
• $24 provides 1 Survivors of Suicide Attempt (SOSA) Facilitator 
• $1,100 provides 4,000 CrisisLine Bracelets.
• $600 provides 2,000 CrisisLine Pens.

2. SAS: 8 week bereavement group for people who have lost loved ones 
to suicide.
• $200 covers the cost of participation in the 8 week group for 1 
participant ($25 per week). 
• $960 covers the cost of the Group Facilitator for one 8 week SAS 
group ($120.00 per week)
• $50 covers materials printing costs for 1 group participant 
(handouts and brochures issued during 8 week group)

3. SPC CrisisLine Volunteer Trainings
• $34 covers the cost of 1 SPC Volunteer Training Manual 
• $45 covers the cost of fingerprinting and TB testing of 1 volunteer,
• $75 covers the cost for handouts, webinar cd’s and PowerPoint 
lecture printing for 1 volunteer.
• $1,200 covers the cost of food per training cycle. This amount 
includes snacks and meals for role plays, ASIST and graduation.

4. Other:
• $425 covers the tuition for one attendee to attend the annual 
American Association Suicidology (AAS) Conference.
• $3,000 covers the tuition for one trainee to attend an ASIST T4T.

If you can’t make it to the event, but would like to contribute, please submit donations to:


We appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference!

About King Trivia Cares

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How it Works:
Your fundraiser will take place in tandem with a regular King Trivia event. King Trivia®games are free to play, but those who opt to support your cause will make a pre-determined contribution (typically $5-$15 per player) from which a small amount (we recommend 10%) is set aside as a prize for the winning team.

That’s it! All remaining funds go to the sponsoring organization. King Trivia Cares charges no fees of any kind, and does not benefit financially in any way. We do get a warm fuzzy glow inside, however.

Scheduling a King Trivia Cares event is easy. All we need from you is a commitment to bring at least 20 (or more) players grouped into 5 (or more) teams. We’ll do our best to accommodate specific scheduling requests, and will work with you to determine the best location and timing. King Trivia gets to make the final decision on what location may be used for your King Trivia® CARES event.