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Trivia every Saturday, and every 3rd Saturday is a Themed Quiz at Angel City Brewery! No advance registration, no ticket sales, prizes are as normal.


In a city known more for its glitz than its grit, Angel City Brewery is proud to rough things up a bit and work beneath the shiny surface. Our home in the Los Angeles Arts District is both brewery and canvas, the center of a revival for the city's artists, musicians, hustlers, and craftspeople. It's an LA that's as ambitious as it is diverse & and our beer is no exception.


Sat Jun 15 2019
| by Quizmaster Joe Martone

Listen close my teams and you shall see

Angel City Trivia- AMERICAN HISTORY!

Many brilliant teams came out to play

To take the quiz and win the day

They doubled hard and doubled fast

But not all doubles were built to last-

Of the thirteen, eight attempted

NONE of them got it, all relented.

In the the finale, the test was lain-

Ten Vice Presidents they must name

Pen to paper they scribbled and fled-

some pamphlets ripped and torn to shreds.

By a single point, one reigned so tall:

I Thought This Was a Protest, you won it all!

Games Buchanan silver took, with pride, glory and a look

And the drinking round winner, though slightly buzzin'

Third place went to (the morbidly named) Our American Cousin

Teams well done, walk strong in your stride

I'll see you again next Saturday Ride.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14198 I Thought This Was A Protest 74 11 1.000
2 10073 Games Buchanan 73 10 0.909
3 10011 Our American Cousin 69 9 0.818
4 12876 Thirsty Pretzels 55 8 0.727
5 16567 Blame the History Teacher 54 7 0.636
6 14133 Blue Collar Man 48 6 0.545
7 20582 The Theodosias 41 5 0.455
8 I probably came too late for this to matter but we’ll see 39 4 0.364
9 16889 The Pen is Mightier 38 3 0.273
10 Awesome Possums 36 2 0.182
11 Mayo-Sturd/Mustard Ayonaise 33 1 0.091
12 Chi Rack 13 0 0.000
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