Barney's Beanery - Burbank

250 N. 1st St.
Burbank CA 91502
(818) 524-2912
  • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 9:00pm



Wed Apr 18 2018
| by Quizmaster Christopher Handschuch

There were vampires at Barney's tonight.

Before you take out those wooden stakes and call up your favorite redheaded lesbian witch, hear me out.

At around 12:30 AM, three individuals entered the doors of the Beanery. Flanked on either side by two long haired twins was a woman who appeared to be both living and dead. Porcelain skin, dark eyes, a hint of foreign upbringing. Their clothes were reminiscent of the attire you'd find at a goth club in Hollywood that was having an Anne Rice tribute night. A more luxurious Hot Topic appeal. 

They were stopped at the door by the bouncer. After 9pm every night, guests need to show their ID to enter the bar. The three of them looked perplexed and informed the bartender that they had no ID. Only a centuries old vampire wouldn't have ID on them in Los Angeles.

The bartender turned them away, suggesting another bar a few blocks down that might not be as strict with their policies. Still looking confused, the vampires gazed dreamily at his neck for a few long moments before finally exiting into the cool Burbank night and disappearing into the dark.

I urge all of my trivia players to stock up on their garlic, crucifixes and sharp objects this week.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10330 Intravenus De Milo 72 8 1.000
2 10493 2 Camels, 1 Hump 70 7 0.875
3 13553 Kitty Curiosity 63 6 0.750
4 Champagne in the Ass 50 5 0.625
5 Big Floppy Boobs, Dude 49 4 0.500
6 10889 The Tea Lizards 38 3 0.375
7 Never Nudes 35 2 0.250
8 Tre Leches 27 1 0.125
9 Trail Thunder 20 0 0.000