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Whisk(e)y originates from Gaelic for “water of life”. According to author David Broom, the Scots and Irish Gaelic translation of this is uisge beatha. This referred to a proto-whisk(e)y redistilled with spices and herbs and the straight version became known as 'usky'."

Now is it Whiskey or Whisky? In short, the spelling "whiskey" is common in the United States and Ireland. The rest of the world, including Japan, Scotland and Canada, uses "whisky."

Bourbon, Rye, Single Malts, Blends - they're all whisk(e)y. There is no one right way to drink all whisk(e)ys. Whether you drink it neat or on the rocks, whisk(e)y is one of America's most beloved spirits.  Enjoying this beverage is a personal journey that could easily change from week to week, day to day, drink to drink.

You'll find that many whisk(e)ys are greatly enhanced by ice, but you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you don't at least try the whiskey neat. Have you tried your Scotch with a few drops of mineral water?  A splash of water can be a great thing as it releases the hydrophobic elements in the glass, allowing you to detect more aromatics on the nose, and by lowering the alcohol content, it can allow you to taste more flavors on your palate.

At Hops & Scotch we have over 450 types of whisk(e)ys ranging from American Bourbon to Japanese Whisk(e)y.  Whether you like your rye neat or your Scotch with a drop of mineral water, or your bourbon with our ice spheres molded at the bar, Hops & Scotch is sure to have something to please your palate!



Mon Jul 12 2021
| by Quizmaster Paul Benson

If it wasn't the middle of July, I would have said that the seasons were changing tonight at Hops and Scotch. The wind was blowing all through the night, and things got so cold and gusty that we lost almost half our teams right after the drinking round. VC Victory, Da Crew, Wine-O-Mite and Here for the Beer were all trailing, and decided to pack it in rather than shiver. But the rest of the teams were in for the long haul! Infinity Squared kicked things off proper with a double or nothing in round 1. USTRUSTORBUST attempted the same, but missed, though they soon made up for it in round 2 with their own double. Cliston's Pistons, We Drink and Know Things, and Positively Negative all did a slow burn through the night, all jockeying for 3rd place. Ultimately, Infinity Squared took the night with a comfortable 9-point lead.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 26160 Shenanigans🎈💣🤪🎉🥴 51 8 1.000
2 29272 USTRUSTORBUST 42 7 0.875
3 28565 We Drink and Know Things 37 5 0.688
3 27134 Cliston’s Pistons 37 5 0.688
5 26883 Positively Negative 29 4 0.500
6 29269 Here for the Beer 18 3 0.375
7 29275 Da Crew 13 1 0.188
7 26159 Wine-O-Mite 13 1 0.188
9 21933 VC Victory 12 0 0.000