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Mon Apr 23 2018
| by Quizmaster Max Sopkin

The Fall of the Roman Empire - 476 CE

The Fall of the Ottoman Empire - 1918

The Fall of Little Lebowski's Urban Achievers - MONDAY NIGHT


That's right, the winningest team in Hyperion Public history has truly fallen from grace, as they made the epic plunge into tenth place on Monday night.  And that's tenth out of ten, for the record.  A team that was at one time so cocky they answered an entire round blind folded.  A team so cruel to their competitors that they pushed a man down a flight of stairs when he turned in ten point clue on Round 4.  A team so relentless in their pursuit of victory that they held me hostage at knife point for the answers one night, and I could only just barely escape by throwing pens in another direction and hoping they'd get distracted.  These trivia geniuses have finally been hoisted by their own petard, and made to feel as petarded as possible by their peers.  It was Dead Weight is Enough that slammed the jail door shut, and it was Quiztopher Guess who throw away that goddamn key.  And LLUA was no match for The Sex Quiztols on the drinking round, who cruised to a free round of drinks with 13/15 correct.  

So what do the Urban Achievers do now?  I suggest to them that they really rethink their whole strategy, and not just in trivia - but in life, too.  If they want to reclaim their title, they're going to have to study harder, learn faster, and write more legibly than any trivia team has done before.  Will these once trivia titans be able to claw their way back up to the throne upon Mount Olympus?  Or will they be relegated to rock of obscurity, condemned to have their livers pecked out by eagles for the rest of eternity?  Find out next week on KING HYPERION'S TRIVIA PUB CHALLENGE AND BAKE OFF!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 12500 Dead Weight is Enough 77 9 1.000
2 14025 Quiztopher Guess 72 8 0.889
3 10721 Seize the D 63 7 0.778
4 Tortilla Soup 55 6 0.667
5 11081 Periodic Table Dancers 52 5 0.556
6 12957 The Sex Quiztols 51 4 0.444
7 Miles Birthday Gang 49 3 0.333
8 11620 Man Forced to Eat Own Beard 45 1 0.167
8 11088 Spicy Ladies 45 1 0.167
10 10012 Little Lebowski's Urban Achievers 38 0 0.000