Hyperion Public - Silver Lake

2538 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles CA 90027
(323) 761-6440
  • Mondays @ 8:00pm
About Hyperion Public - Silver Lake

We are your local neighborhood restaurant and bar where everyone is welcome hence the word "Public" in our name. Our restaurant has a rough luxe decor serving quality food and cocktails, a mix of craft and traditional beers, along with a good selection of wines, in a communal atmosphere. Hidden in the back of the restaurant is our upstairs bar and lounge also serving food and cocktails, that has a jukebox, dartboard, piano, mic, and TVs for sports (Sunday NFL Ticket).



Mon May 14 2018
| by Quizmaster Max Sopkin

The heat of competition was cranked up to 90 as 10 teams converged on Hyperion Public to duke it out for number one trivia team! Little Lebowski's took an early lead, but soon dropped out of first to let their sometime rivals Quiztopher Guess soar ahead in the final two rounds. But they redeemed themselves with a non-music, non-chorus rendition of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" that won them the drinking round. Robin's performance was so good, that her competitor Sam, from Seize the D, walked away before she could even get up to the mic. Now THAT is assuredness. The song for next week? Barenaked Ladies "One Week"!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14025 Quiztopher Guess 58 9 1.000
2 10012 Little Lebowski's Urban Achievers 51 8 0.889
3 12500 The Hateful Dead Weight 50 7 0.778
4 10721 Seize the D 46 6 0.667
5 11088 Buy Stove a Birthday Drink 39 5 0.556
6 11081 Periodic Table Dancers 38 4 0.444
7 Pistol Shrimps 37 3 0.333
8 Oh Hell Yeah! 33 2 0.222
9 Team Name 25 1 0.111
10 12957 Sex Quiztols 16 0 0.000