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2538 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles CA 90027
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  • Mondays @ 8:00pm
About Hyperion Public - Silver Lake

We are your local neighborhood restaurant and bar where everyone is welcome hence the word "Public" in our name. Our restaurant has a rough luxe decor serving quality food and cocktails, a mix of craft and traditional beers, along with a good selection of wines, in a communal atmosphere. Hidden in the back of the restaurant is our upstairs bar and lounge also serving food and cocktails, that has a jukebox, dartboard, piano, mic, and TVs for sports (Sunday NFL Ticket).



Mon Aug 13 2018
| by Quizmaster Max Sopkin

Holy Hell on Wheels, Batman! It was a hot night at Hyperion Public on Monday night, what with the air conditioner broken and fifty people playing trivia and the Dodgers losing their grip on sanity in the top of the ninth. But every damn team stuck it out the whole damn time, so credit where credit is due. I think I was standing in a puddle of my own sweat by the end of the night, which may be a bit more description than you were hoping for, but I'm really just trying to paint a picture for you.

Omaroasting showed up with the best name of the night and also the best performance of the night, slamming all the other teams face first in the dirt with a commanding score of 83 points. The Veggie Scrambles though showed up in rare form and took an incredibly solid second place with their knowledge of car manufacturers. And it was Sex Quiztols who took the drinking round, this being their, like, ninetieth time they've done so. They know so much about so much: it's very impressive. Grats all around ya'll, grats.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 16007 Omaroasting 83 12 1.000
2 12128 Veggie Scrams 74 11 0.917
3 10012 LLUA 68 10 0.833
4 12500 Dead Ninety-Weight Degrees 63 9 0.750
5 Tobias Funke Funkatorium 60 8 0.667
6 Sex Quiztols 49 7 0.583
7 Team Graham 48 6 0.500
8 11088 Who Does Number Two Work For? 46 5 0.417
9 Cake 45 3 0.292
9 The Sweaty Souths 45 3 0.292
11 The Butts 42 2 0.167
12 11081 Periodic Table Dancers 41 1 0.083
13 DADS 39 0 0.000