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    Tue Jan 8 2019
    | by Quizmaster Louis Roth

    Last night's King Trivia Pub Quiz at Kilarney's was an interesting mix of survey and
    cosmic coinky dink, at least for Quiz Master Lou. Tuesday's FB question kind of got
    things rolling with the image of Eisenstein's baby carriage cavorting down the Odessa
    steps. (Got things rolling. Get it? Oh, well...) QM Lou got blank stares when he
    tried to relate that one. As the late, underrated Richard Dawson used to quip, "Our
    survey says..." [Insert sound of buzzer here with a big fat zero.]

    The cosmic coinky dink came in when QM Lou decided to substitute the Franz Liszt question
    not just because they are both Hungarian, but because asking what the ingredients of
    sangria are in a bar is way too easy.

    The turn out was huge! Managing 14 teams of 63 people was daunting when one is by their
    lonesome. QM Lou barely had time eat his chocolate cake, thoughtfully provided by the
    Tequila Mockingbirds on account of it was Hannah's birthday, which got announced and the
    entire pub sang along on a schmaltzy rendition of Happy Birthday led by QM Lou's warbles.
    Their stars must have aligned because they took first place, too. IPMP (not gonna say
    their nasty name, not while I'm eatin' choco cake, no, uh-uh...) got second place while
    the unholy alliance of Blood, Bath & Beyond/Ship It! got third.

    Mirthful Moments:

    Poor Jenny Agutter from Logan's Run was the wrench in the works for the Picture Round,
    but also generated the most intriguing guesses...
    *The Mummy
    *Wicker Man
    *Planet of the Apes 3 (which QM Lou pointed out there was no such title, it was called
    Escape from the Planet of the Apes!
    *Dracula's Wife
    *Beyonce' (?)

    And the round that angered the crowd award goes to the Find-the-Connection round, in which
    no team guessed the answer was 'chairs', but possibly the best wrong answer was sex toys.

    That's all the news that fits! Until next week, I remain... You know.

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 14448 Tequila Mockingbird 47 13 1.000
    2 IPMP 46 12 0.923
    3 12732 Deadly Alliance 45 11 0.846
    4 14200 Poonswagglers 43 9 0.731
    4 11827 pickles on a plate 43 9 0.731
    6 17364 Mighty Mellons 42 8 0.615
    7 15262 Wossamotta U 40 7 0.538
    8 12092 IFFY! 34 6 0.462
    9 16940 Seal Team 3 33 5 0.385
    10 Baronesses & Bearenettes 32 4 0.308
    11 14109 Alcoballics 30 3 0.231
    12 17425 100% 24 2 0.154
    13 15071 One Left in the Chamber 18 1 0.077
    14 17424 Theatre Bitches 7 0 0.000