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    Killarneys Live Irish Pub is a Bar and restaraunt offering a fine selection of Irish whiskeys, Beers, Live Music, and a full menu of from-scratch food.


    Tue Aug 13 2019
    | by Quizmaster Louis Roth

    Chirpy crowd can't complain at Killarney's reads our dateline for Tuesday, August
    13th as another successful King Trivia Pub Quiz crowns victorious! Welcome to
    our newbie teams, Crimson and Hernandi. Although they finished last, the last
    man standing in team Crimson finished well by getting the most right answers in
    the last round challenge by naming correctly five of the seven strong acids in
    chemistry, more than any other team! I guess he did a lot of acid?

    Our other newbie, the Hernandi (their collective name, individually they are known
    as Hernandez), distinguished themselves by finishing with a second place win, and
    this only after maintaining a three round first place position! Congratulations
    Hernandi! And welcome to the KTPQ! We hope you return! Pickles on a Plate
    astounded with three, count 'em, three successful Double-or-Nothing's which
    strategically shot them through the spheres to rocket into a first place win!
    The most dangerous alliance of Blood, Bath & Beyond and Ship It! have been very
    consistent lately with placing themselves in the winner's circle, last night
    with a third place spot.

    In our mirth department, some of the funniest answers are the wrongest (is that a
    word?) answers. In the above mentioned 7 Strong Acids challenge, the style
    points go to:

    Syd Barret's LSD
    Diet Coke
    Face Hugger Blood

    The second part to our Round Seven challenge was naming the three successive
    leaders of North Korea. For that, wedged in between the Kim's, we got Sun-a
    Young Moon and Dennis Rodman!

    Thanks for playing and for reading! See ya!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 11827 pickles on a plate 66 8 1.000
    2 21946 Hernandi 53 7 0.875
    3 12732 Deadly Alliance 50 6 0.750
    4 14448 Tequila Mockingbird 49 5 0.625
    5 15262 Wossamotta U 48 4 0.500
    6 21066 Irish Whiskeypedia 44 3 0.375
    7 19780 Dallas Boolers Club 29 2 0.250
    8 15071 One Left in the Chamber 27 1 0.125
    9 Crimson 21 0 0.000