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    Tue Oct 29 2019
    | by Quizmaster Louis Roth

    Reese's? Reese's Pieces? Or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? If that is the most
    dramatic issue of your day, you lead a pretty good life. Yet, it is subjects
    like this that raise blood pressure as we near All Hallow's Eve, better known
    as Halloween, for our questions turn to this spiritual (literally) holiday for
    inspiration, at least as practiced here in America where candy companies take
    their turn ruling us mere mortals.

    All in all, it was a pretty good question set focusing on things halloweeny!
    The Picture Round had a particular significance for Quiz Master Lou, who made
    out the image of his old pal, Rick Overton, sitting in the squad car of the
    movie Eight Legged Freaks. Identifying the film/TV series based on the spider
    pictured was a great idea, though some classics didn't make it onto the list.
    This caused some frivolous guesses, especially for the Treasure Planet arachnid
    which one team dubbed Gone with the Wind. Coincidentally, the Spider-Man: Turn
    Off the Dark answer in the Theme Round put a fly in the webby ointment for a
    lot of folks!

    And finally, a lot of aging rebels were hard pressed to come up with the song
    titles of the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, but if they had toast,
    they would have thrown it! A couple of newbie teams couldn't go the distance
    while One Left in the Chamber, Blood, Bath & Beyond and Tequila Mockingbird
    won first, second and third prizes respectively.

    Have a spoooooky week, all!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 15071 One Left in the Chamber 64 9 1.000
    2 12732 Deadly Alliance 54 8 0.889
    3 14448 Tequila Mockingbird 46 7 0.778
    4 11827 pickles on a plate 42 5 0.611
    4 16940 Seal Team 3 42 5 0.611
    6 15262 Wossamotta U 37 4 0.444
    7 17564 I PMP 30 3 0.333
    8 14200 Poonswagglers 25 2 0.222
    9 I'm Leaving 9 1 0.111
    10 Oooh, Sh*t! Hmmm... 0 0 0.000