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Wed Oct 23 2019
| by Quizmaster Michael Cornacchia

8 terrific teams competed at to OB's tonight to see who would go home the King Trivia champions! The evening was full of smoke coming out of our players' ears as they wracked their brains to answer our 7 rounds of King Trivia.

We also had a great new QIT (Quizmaster in Training), Isaiah, join in on the fun. Btw, we're looking for some fun folks to be quizmasters. If that's you, you'll find all the info on how to apply on this website!
Special shoutout to some OB trivia regular favorites, "Those Beaches" and "Bud Lightyear," for playing great games and TRYING to come out a head in the end by doubling or nothing their scores. But neither of them were favored by the trivia gods and they both ended up with nothin'. But I still really like them and think they're all real swell.
A new team, "3 Co-Workers (Not Friends)," joined in on the fun and got the hang of things pretty quickly. Sure hope they come back. We even had a playmate join us. Her team name, of course, was "Playmate." She and her girlfriend showed up in time to play round 3 and these beautiful ladies ended the evening with 22 points. They also really caught the attention of another regular favorite team, "Pussy Over Pancakes" who won the Chili Cheese Fry Round. They tried to send their fries over to "Playmate" but it was refused. Seriously folks, playmates don't eat chili cheese fries.

"Mr. Poopybutthole" grabbed third place. I always love when this team plays. They know their trivia. In fact, they crushed the first two rounds by doubling both rounds when they went for the Double or Nothing. But they guessed the wrong "where" on our Guess Where Round and also busted on the fifth round when they went for the Double or Nothing. But in the end, they still went home in THIRD place. "Bros Who Smash" got to go home with another win this week when they nabbed SECOND place. And although, "Pussy Over Pancakes" DIDN'T go home with a playmate, they did go home with FIRST place!

Thanks to Bonnie, Max, and the incredible bar and waitstaff at OB's and of course everyone who came out to play for another fantastic night of trivia!!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 17670 Pussy over Pancakes 63 6 1.000
2 23368 Bros Who Smash 60 5 0.833
3 16661 Mr. Poopybutthole 52 4 0.667
4 23094 Bud Lightyear 36 3 0.500
5 21181 Those Beaches 29 2 0.333
6 Three Co-Workers (Not Friends) 28 1 0.167
7 Playmate 22 0 0.000