Prince O' Whales

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Mon Jul 31 2023
| by Quizmaster Clint Tauscher

Being king of the hill means someone is always looking to take your place. Would this be the week that A Tribe Called Quiz found themselves surrendering their throne to another of our contenders? Elixir bunghole and Skull & Cross-Eyes did their best to play spoiler, using Double or Nothing to take turns on top in the early rounds. But our reigning champs never stop playing to win, and their own successful double gained them a 2-point lead! They'd need to post a powerful score in the final round to secure the win - and their tally of 10 /10 was terrific enough to take the top prize!

You read right: prizes! Every week, our top three teams each receive a cash award! Wanna be one of our winners? Then join us every Monday at 8pm at PRINCE O' WHALESthe Place to Play in Playa del Rey!!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 91545 A Tribe Called Quiz 71 3 1.000
2 90537 Elixir bunghole 58 2 0.667
3 103484 Skull & Cross-Eyes 54 1 0.333
4 105790 Playa Seamen 33 0 0.000