Sports Harbour

13484 Washington Blvd.
Marina Del Rey CA 90292
(310) 823-0933


Wed Sep 26 2018
| by Quizmaster Ken Pierce

Quiz #300! After spending the last 300 Wednesday nights at Sports Harbour, This was our very last quiz for this venue, as it has been sold. A bittersweet night for me, as I will miss this place and all the teams that I have had the pleasure to meet over the years, yet was overwhelmed at the turnout for our final night! A couple teams brought cakes! (So much for losing 40 pounds last year. Ha!)

The quiz itself was an epic battle for two teams. Mr. Bottemly's Jacket & The Final Kendown. These two teams led with exact same score for the first 4 rounds. In Round 5, The Final Kendown took a one point lead! In round 6, Mr. Bottemly's Jacket got 10 points to The Final Kendown's 8, giving them a one point lead going into the final round. Both teams doubled the final round correctly with Mr. Bottemly's Jacket taking the final victory at Sports Harbour!

For the Final free shot round, I gave every player a playing card, and they had to scramble around the room till 5 people could make a straight, and 3 more people could make 3 of a kind! Madness ensued!

I thanked everyone for coming tonight, and over the past 6 years, and was stunned as I received a standing ovation with loud cheers from the entire bar. I was truly touched.

I will be taking over hosting duties for Sports Harbour Southbay in Torrance, starting next Wednesday. Quiz time is 8:30. I would love to see some familiar faces if your in the neighborhood!

It's been a pleasure..."So long, and thanks for all the fish!"

MC Ken

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10202 Mr. Bottomley's Jacket 70 9 1.000
2 10892 The Final Kendown 69 8 0.889
3 10784 Manfeelings 61 6 0.722
3 10213 When Sports Harbour Closes, We Burn It To The Ground 61 6 0.722
5 13620 Dragonball Pee-Pee 59 5 0.556
6 10348 Secular Healing 51 4 0.444
7 Torrance Is Too Far 47 3 0.333
8 10278 Phallus in Wonderland 43 2 0.222
9 14105 Case of the Mondays 38 1 0.111
10 I'd Let Thor Hammer Me 35 0 0.000