The Lab Gastropub

3500 S Figueroa St,
Los Angeles CA 90007
(213) 821-1797
  • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 7:00pm
About The Lab Gastropub

The science of fun and fine dining is artfully executed daily at The Lab Gastropub. Conveniently located on Figueroa Blvd., The Lab is next door to the Galen Center, across the street from USC and an easy walk to the Shrine Auditorium, the Los Angeles Coliseum and the museums at Expo Park. Our menu features a variety of pub favorites and an extensive selection of beers. The communal style seating encourages group fun. You’ll always find local sports as well as national events featured on the multiple screens throughout the restaurant. The Classroom, our private dining room, is ideal for social events and the outdoor patio is a great place to enjoy the SoCal sunshine.



Wed Apr 3 2019
| by Quizmaster Destiny Montgomery

Wonderful Wednesday's at the Lab continue to take place weekly! Each week is a breath of fresh air, full of beautiful faces and most of all a new chance to gain more participants and future members of the King Trivia family. Round 4 is usually the edge of your seat round here at the Lab, because not only are the clues challenging, listening to an entire group where everyone seems to have a gut feeling towards ten different people who actually may be the mystery person is always a true blast to watch. Wonderful Wednesday's are always wonderful at the Lab, from the laughs during each round to the final round where it all seems like the world may end holds everyone's attention. Wonderful Wednesday's are weekly and always awaiting a new surprise.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 17981 Drunk in Public 72 8 1.000
2 18304 Gummy Bears 69 7 0.875
3 A team has no name 61 6 0.750
4 17630 LIFO the Party 58 5 0.625
5 Dance Bass 49 4 0.500
6 Trojan Tea 40 3 0.375
7 The young & restless leg 38 2 0.250
8 Dan & Mary 18 1 0.125
9 Big League Boys 15 0 0.000