345 N La Brea Ave
    Los Angeles CA 90036
    (323) 931-9291
    • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 9:00pm
    About Wirtshaus

    Wirtshaus is a traditional German restaurant and pub, specializing in authentic German food and freshly tapped beer since we opened in 2011.
    Featuring over 35 German beers and a great selection of German and Austrian wines.

    We are famous for regular events such as Oktoberfest, Sunday Brunch, Bavarian Night or hosting Soccer games.

    Authenticity is the key for us at the Wirtshaus, and we strive to bring you the best in traditional German cuisine. Our menu includes various versions of schnitzel, sausages, potato pancakes, currywurst and of course, pretzels. It also includes vegetarian options and kid-friendly dishes.

    The atmosphere at the Wirtshaus is fun, laid back. Come hang out and enjoy yourself on one of the long wooden tables inside, in the lush Biergarten outside, or by playing Around the World on our ping-pong table.

    Wirtshaus is a place you can bring your kids, your date, your dog, even your grandmother. All are welcome, and all are encouraged to stay a while.


    Wed Aug 14 2019
    | by Quizmaster Rosanna Turner

    Wirtshaus FTW! It's been a great (almost) two years as your Hostess With The Mostest for trivia night every Wed here at Wirtshaus. A great game to end my reign as your official Quizmaster. Team Ro Ro Ro. Hi, Ro Ro Ro didn't have the best team name this week (yes, Our Loss, Ro's Gain would have been MUCH better, peeps), but they pulled out a win by beating We're Not Contagious, We're Dead by one point! Also, thanks for the cake Team Ro Ro Ro, I could never resist a slice 🙂 New team Manifest Destiny's Child was right behind them by one point to take 3rd place! Keep on quizin' 🙂

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 10077 Ro Ro Ro. Hi, Ro Ro Ro 91 15 1.000
    2 10097 We're Not Contagious... We're Dying 90 14 0.933
    3 22049 Manifest Destiny’s Child 89 13 0.867
    4 10600 Better Late 78 12 0.800
    5 19561 $tripper Ca$h 71 11 0.733
    6 12460 Cowboy Men (and Woman) 70 10 0.667
    7 14198 I Thought This Was A Protest 64 9 0.600
    8 Why? God! Why? 62 8 0.533
    9 21294 All Day Buffet 60 7 0.467
    10 The Birthday Suits 57 6 0.400
    11 22045 Menace to Sobriety 54 5 0.333
    12 Bobby Fisher Team 53 4 0.267
    13 21118 Give Julie K. Brown All The Pulitzers 48 3 0.200
    14 14275 Tiger in the Woods 43 2 0.133
    15 20035 Your Daily Double 39 1 0.067
    16 Truffle Shuffle 11 0 0.000