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    Thursday, October 5th, 2023 @ 8:00pm
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    Thursday, October 12th, 2023 @ 8:00pm
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Thu May 19 2022
| by Quizmaster Christy King

We had a good sized crowd at Santa Cruz Woodstocks tonight! 23 teams and 114 total players joined us for trivia, along with our reps from Lagunitas Brewery - and we had a couple Lagunitas special brews to enjoy! In Round 1, one team answered "me" instead of Tupac, so we all applauded Tupac for being in the house! Then we all made plans to go dig up some Atari games in the desert! Three teams tied for 1st: YSL #freegunna #freethug, Fully Torqued, and 3th Place. Round 2 was Marvel-ous, though Luis cost a few teams a Double-or-Nothing. 3th Place held 1st place, and 3 teams tied for 2nd: The Goonies, Mommy Milkers, and Crouching Tigers. In Round 3, Luke Hemsworth eluded quite a few teams. One team tried to Matrix us all: "There is no third brother." Lol. YSL #freegunna #freethug got back onto the leaderboard in 3rd, Mommy Milkers held 2nd, and 3th Place held 1st and got the halfway winners pitcher from our Lagunitas reps. Also, we welcomed a new team that played off the Crouching Tigers team name and became Hidden Dragons - well played! In Round 4, two teams got the name correct at 10 points - congrats to Mommy Milkers and 3th Place. The leaderboard stayed the same. On the opposite end, Late Bloomers joined us in Round 4 with an incorrect guess, and were welcomed by applause for managing to have a total score of -1. In Round 5, three teams found the connection; congrats to Will Teach 4 Pizza, Support Small Quiznesses, and Fully Torqued. Many other teams tried to convince me that Paw Patrol was a travel destination, lol. The leaderboard stayed the same and Late Bloomers held their -1 total score... a Woodstocks Santa Cruz first to have that score after *two* rounds! Round 6 was Matt Damon matching, and almost all of us at least caught that Jason Bourne was in The Bourne Identity and James Francis Ryan was in Saving Private Ryan... *almost* of us... 😉 Late Bloomers got into the positive numbers, and the leaderboard stayed the same going into the final round, but with Crouching Tigers now just *one* point behind 3rd... And then it all came down to Cryptocurrency. Many teams just made up names, my favorites being Shitcoin and Paw Patrol. Shout-out to Mommy Milkers who got the highest round score at 9. Still not enough to take over 1st, they held 2nd behind our winners 3th Place. YSL #freegunna #freethug kept 3rd, but Mommy Milkers didn't come up to claim their winnings so Crouching Tigers still got a prize. Best Team Name winners The Goonies also didn't claim their prize, so it went to Will Teach 4 Pizza in honor of all the work teachers are doing this time of year. It was a great crowd and super fun night overall! Now off to New Mexico to find those Atari games!!! Come back next week to learn more treasures!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 67243 3th place 83 17 1.000
2 67254 Mommy Milkers 59 16 0.941
3 67284 YSL #freegunna #freethug 52 15 0.882
4 67283 Crouching Tigers 49 14 0.824
5 35204 Fully Torqued 40 13 0.765
6 67286 The Goonies 39 12 0.706
7 37375 Support Small Quiznesses 32 10 0.618
7 67281 Give me free pizza please! 32 10 0.618
9 67234 Fallout Bois 30 7 0.431
9 67239 Objection Hearsay 30 7 0.431
9 67285 wet napkin 30 7 0.431
12 67238 Game ing 27 6 0.353
13 35176 Will Teach 4 Pizza 24 5 0.294
14 67248 Bill Cosby’s school of bar tending 19 4 0.235
15 38811 Togo for Kevin 18 3 0.176
16 67257 Food Fighters 13 2 0.118
17 67290 Guy Checking IDs 12 1 0.059
18 67297 Late bloomers 8 0 0.000