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Thu Jun 2 2022
| by Quizmaster Christy King

18 teams and 96 total players joined us for a rousing round of trivia, many celebrating the end of finals! After 1 round, we had 3 teams in the lead thanks to Double-or-Nothings: Warriors Fans, The Megapints, and Tater Tots. We also gave a round of applause for our three Woodstocks Santa Cruz teams in the top 5 of the Woodstocks Leaderboard: Da Breakfast Club (not here tonight but they're 1st in the league), Fully Torqued in 3rd, and Tater Tots in 5th. Way to represent!! In Round 2, we "Doug" into old Nickelodeon shows, and Tater Tots took 1st while The Megapints and Llamagedon (they later admitted they forgot a 'd') tied for 2nd. Also, as I was taking their team photo, Cheating on my Wifi mutinied off from The Megapints and formed their own squad. In Round 3, we rocked and rolled with a round about geology and sushi. (Team Gneiss was very excited about this.) The leaderboard stayed the same. Round 4 stumped everyone for the first couple clues, but five teams guessed it correctly at 6 points. Megapints edged ahead of Llamagedon to take 2nd, dropping Llamagedon to 3rd. In Round 5, two teams found the connection, so shout out to Tater Tots and Gneiss. Even when I read through the key words, not everyone connected stool to samples, but then we got a poopy joke out of it so it worked out. 😉 The leaderboard didn't change. In Round 6, we got serious with human rights activists, and the podium remained untouched. Tater Tots was an astonishing 37 points ahead of The Megapints in 2nd place, so teams were fighting for 2nd at this point, with several teams tied for 4th close behind Llamagedon. Then it all came down to books. I resisted reciting the rest of Baby Got Back (gotta tell you, it was not easy), and collectively, we named every major university in the US. Team Gneiss got the highest score for the round at 7, giving them 4th place. Llamagedon held onto 3rd, The Magapints stayed a few points ahead in 2nd, and surprise surprise, Tater Tots took 1st - with a whopping 92 points!! We had many strong contenders for Best Team Name, but after ruling out teams that left early or that already won a prize from their scores, we voted by applause. Morning After Pilsner received a hearty round of claps, but Gaypeople won by an enthusiastic landslide!! Happy Pride Month! **If you read this recap, let me know next week for a small prize while supplies last. Codeword: purplechipmunk.**

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 39685 Tater Tots 92 15 1.000
2 69173 The Megapints 53 14 0.933
3 69195 Llamagedon 50 13 0.867
4 35176 Gniess 41 12 0.800
5 69193 The deflators 39 10 0.700
5 69220 gaypeople. 39 10 0.700
7 69185 Morning After Pilsner 38 9 0.600
8 69207 The Sexy Team 37 8 0.533
9 69171 big forehead club 33 6 0.433
9 69235 Late entry early finish 33 6 0.433
11 69228 MILFS HUNTERS 32 5 0.333
12 69216 Melog’s Marauders 31 4 0.267
13 48245 Warriors Fans 28 3 0.200
14 69226 420 girls 23 2 0.133
15 69230 Cheating on my WiFi 20 1 0.067
16 35204 Fully Torqued 18 0 0.000