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Thu Aug 4 2022
| by Quizmaster Christy King

We had 19 teams with 73 human players, plus one adorable pup, join us for a fantastic night of trivia! We started off the night with a 5-way tie for 1st between DIG IT! (A team of archeologists), Tater Tots, Team Brazil, The Fantastic Four, and We're Leaving By 10:30. Round 2 was about giants of all shapes and batting averages. Tater Tots took the lead, with The Fantastic Four and Team Brazil tied for 2nd. Also, we explained that Freddie's Royal Butt Scritches was, in fact, regarding the adorable dog Freddie, whose birthday it was, and that all he wanted for his birthday was butt scritches. A roaring cheer went up for Freddie, who is now friends with everyone at Woodstocks, and if you missed this week's trivia, you missed out on some serious cuteness. Anyways, back to trivia and horrendous puns. Round 3 was a (Baja) Blast! Tater Tots held 1st with almost double the points of the team behind them, Team Brazil held 2nd, and The Fantastic Four slid down to 3rd. In Round 4, four teams got the correct name at the 10 point level: Dingos, Tater Tots, We're Leaving By 10:30, and We've Been Trying to Contact You About Your Car's Extended Warranty. Tater Tots held 1st, while DIG IT! and We've Been Trying to Contact You About Your Car's Extended Warranty took over 2nd. In Round 5, four teams found the connection: Excuse Me, My Brain Is Full; The Fantastic Four; We're Leaving By 10:30 (and right after this round, they held to their team name and bedtime); and We've Been Trying to Contact You About Your Car's Extended Warranty. We also had my favorite wrong answer of the night: Admiral Ackbar's *other* famous quote, "oh shit" 😂 The leaderboard stayed the same with the addition of Team Brazil joining a 3-way tie in 2nd. Round 6 had us seeing double, and Tater Tots held first with a 21 point lead, leaving them untouchable for the final round. DIG IT! kept 2nd as the rest of the leaderboard tie moved to 3rd. And then Round 7, it all came down to SPACE (Space space space.... Gotta have that echo!) 3rd place went to our favorite spam callers: We've Been Trying to Contact You About Your Car's Extended Warranty. 2nd place went to DIG IT! And no surprises here, 1st place went to Tater Tots. Also no surprise, best team name (and best 4-legged team member) went to Freddie's Royal Butt Scritches. Congratulations all! Come back and join us again next week. Especially you Freddie - who's a good boy!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 39685 Tater Tots 78 14 1.000
2 74840 DIG IT! 54 13 0.929
3 74830 we’ve been trying to contact you about your car’s extended warranty 45 12 0.857
4 Team Brazil 44 11 0.786
5 74829 Team Edward 40 8 0.595
5 Dingos 40 8 0.595
5 74832 Freddie’s Royal Butt Scritchers 40 8 0.595
8 The Fantastic Four 38 7 0.500
9 74834 The Big Mama’s 34 6 0.429
10 74828 Excuse Me, My Brain Is Full 31 5 0.357
11 74835 Veggie Pie 29 4 0.286
12 74838 Nature Nerd & Science Boy 28 3 0.214
13 We’re leaving by 10:30 26 2 0.143
14 Anime Enthusiasts owo 24 1 0.071
15 The rebel alliance 10 0 0.000