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Thu Nov 3 2022
| by Quizmaster Christy King

We had 21 teams, 84 human players, and 1 *adorable* pup brave the cold to join us for a hot night of trivia! After Round 1, Stars of David and Permanent Team Name were tied for 1st, with Too Dumb for Lupolo, Coordinated Strumpet Levels, and Charles Entertainment Cheese tied for 3rd. Round 2 was Rudd-imentary, my dear Watson. Permanent Team Name una-Paul-igetically took 1st, Stars of David came in 2nd, and Coordinated Strumpet Levels held onto 3rd. In Round 3, many of us learned about the pre-Atari times of yore, and when I asked “Who you gonna call?” teams knew what to do. Permanent Team Name kept a permanent hold on 1st, Stars of David shone in 2nd, and The Goonies climbed into 3rd. In Round 4, our favorite doggo Diamond barked some clues out for teams, but still no one got the name correct at the 10 point level, so shout-out to Permanent Team Name for getting the highest points that round with 6, and locking in 1st for another round. The Goonies got 2nd, and Stars of David dipped to 3rd. In Round 5, ten teams found the connection, so shout out to (deep breath): The Goonies, Stars of David, Veggie Dudes, Team Redundancy Team, Power Bottoms, Permanent Team Names, Glenn, DeepSpacePearlDivers, Coordinated Strumpet Levels, and Charles Entertainment Cheese. The rest of the teams scratched, but let out a collective groan as they caught on when I was reading the key words. The Goonies and Stars of David tied for 2nd, and surprise surprise, Permanent Team Name stayed on top. In Round 6, we went all-state! Permanent Team Name wrestled the gold away from all other teams, setting themselves up 1 point out of reach going into the final round. In 2nd place, Team Redundancy Team took silver in 2nd, and Too Dumb for Lupolo showed they weren’t too dumb for us by taking bronze. And then in Round 7, we drove on the other side (Ahh!). Too Dumb for Lupolo smartly held 3rd, Team Redundancy Team won 2nd, Team Redundancy Team won 2nd, and of course, Permanent Team Name finally took home the top prize with a stein, sunglasses, gift certificates, a coaster, and a box of nerds. Our favorite archeologists won Best Team Name with DIG IT!, taking home some gift certificates and a laffy taffy. It was super fun to see everyone, and we’ll see you all next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 35176 Permanent team name 72 20 1.000
2 82037 Team Redundancy Team 49 19 0.950
3 Too Dumb for Lupolo 48 18 0.900
4 82047 Veggie dudes 41 16 0.825
4 82050 stars of david 41 16 0.825
6 78824 the goonies 40 15 0.750
7 79373 Power Bottoms 37 14 0.700
8 82049 Coordinated Strumpet Levels 34 12 0.625
8 80957 Charles Entertainment Cheese 34 12 0.625
10 DeepSpacePearlDivers 30 11 0.550
11 74840 DIG IT! 28 10 0.500
12 Maui wowie 27 9 0.450
13 Water polo 23 8 0.400
14 Los Muertos 22 7 0.350
15 81503 PLC Pros 20 6 0.300
16 naughty natties 🤪🤪 17 5 0.250
17 82034 Horse Paintings for Sale (ask management) 10 3 0.175
17 82048 Diamond’s Eagles 10 3 0.175
19 Glenn 8 2 0.100
20 Big brain 4 1 0.050
21 82038 Minnesota rules 2 0 0.000