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Good Morrow, my trivia empire! Season 10 TOC was the greatest Tournament of Champions yet – and it’s not only because I, your majesty, the Trivia King, was given the task of quizmastering (but that sure does help). For those of you who couldn’t attend or just can’t remember due to your enjoyment of the libations, let me bless you with a brief overview of the evening’s happenings.

As the doors opened and teams flooded our trivia arena, the teams gathered: friends reconnected with friends, old rivalries were dredged up, drinks were ordered (and consumed…then ordered again, and consumed again, and so on). A mysterious Man in Black delivered the questions to me in a secure briefcase, keeping any curious eyes from sneaking a peek.

Right out of the gate, ten teams dared to go double or nothing. Eight were successful, a beautiful sight to behold which led me to cry a singular, masculine, royal tear.  Unfortunately, two of our doubling teams would start the game with an unfortunate zero. There were eleven other teams that should have been so daring, but alas, they had to settle for a healthy six points. In my Kingdom, those who are daring are always rewarded(except, you know, those who doubled and got zero)!

Round 2 took us back to our love of Saturday morning cartoons. Ahh, yes. Remember way back when we watched Saturday morning cartoons? What a fantastic last Saturday it was!  Our questions focussed on not just any Saturday morning cartoons, but on unlikely cartoons based on movies. Care to give it a go:

Things I learned in Round 2: Fast and the Furious, Little Shop of Horrors, and Evolution (Ivan Reitman’s sci-fi rip-off of his own Ghostbusters)  were apparently made into a cartoons. Huh. Who knew?

After Round 2, two teams were tied for first place: The 4 Eyes Quartet and The Gene Pool. Were they be able to defend their first-place ranking? Did any new challenger pass them and take our top prize? Do the 4 Eyes Quartet have a total of 16 eyes? Read on to find out!

Round 3 was a glorious collection of questions all about streaming: online streaming, “Islands in the Stream”, Airstream recreational vehicles, and more. We even had a special guest appearance from online streaming sensation, Ninja! Ok…it wasn’t Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, himself, but we did have a pretty cool actual ninja show up to show off some moves and throw some (definitely not foam) throwing stars.

Things I learned in Round 3: A lot of people thought PewDiePie was the famous streamer under the Ice Cream mask on The Masked Singer. As if PewDiePie could take the time away from his 2020 Presidential campaign to sing some songs (don’t fact check this). It was Ninja, of course!

After Round 3, The 4 Eyes Quartet remained in first place with The Gene Pool dipping to second (but only one point behind!) Would this intense back and forth continue all night? Could a new team compete with these two powerhouses? Seriously, how many eyes are in The 4 Eyes Quartet? Let’s find out!

Round 4 – Oh, boy! What a difference one round can make! Most teams knew early on that the mystery person was a famous tennis player with the last name Williams. But which sister could it be? (Spoiler Alert: It was Venus) (Spoiler Alert 2: Most teams wrote Serena). 

Things I learned from Round 4: 71 of the teams knew it was a Williams sister. 1 team thought it was Amanda Coughlin. I also learned that Gary Busey has nothing to do with the Williams sisters. How do I know? The legend himself sent a video to tell us!

After Round 4, the rankings shifted drastically. Secular Healing took over first, Dick City: Population: Weiners was in second, and La La Land 2: Dan Mitchell’s Revenge was in third. The 4 Eyes Quartet was, coincidentally, in fourth.

Round 5 asked the teams to Find the Connection and caused another major shake-up in the rankings. While most teams figured out the connection (slang terms for money), most didn’t know G-Unit released the album Beg for Mercy. 

Things I learned from Round 5: I never knew I had thing for skin-tight orange bodysuits and cheesehead hats. You learn something new every day.

Before Round 6, it was time to award the spirit prize. Teams had been cheering, dancing, drinking, and doing all the could to be considered for this coveted trophy. But it came down to two teams: Box Wine Children and Boardwalk 11 (aka The Illegitimate Children of The King). They clapped, they cheered, they stomped their feet – all to win the applause of the crowd. In the end, Box Wine Children (formerly Our Combined IQ Is… and already two-time winners of the Spirit Prize) were crowned the recipients of the 2020 Spirit Prize. Boardwalk 11 didn’t leave empty handed, as they still had the honor of sharing my beautiful looks.

Round 6 asked the ultimate question: do nerds like sports? Teams were given scientific names of animals and they matched them up to a sports team that had that animal as a mascot. Lions, Tigers, and Bears…oh my! Well, except the tigers. They weren’t included in this round. 

Things I learned from Round 6: The Golden Knights decided against a knight mascot and use a Gila monster instead. Makes sense, right? I also learned that Vespa is the scientific name for a Hornet; so, is a Vespa scooter supposed to be Hornet in some way? The King demands answers!

Finally, it all came down to Round 7 where we looked back at the 2010s and asked, “which artists made the most money in tour ticket sales”? Lots of good answers (good, but wrong): Neither of the Justins made the list (Bieber or Timberlake).

Things I learned from Round 7: U2 made over a billion dollars in concert tickets during the 2010s…and I died a little inside.

In the end, drinks were had, pizza was consumed, friendships were made, and friendships were broken (probably over Serena and Venus Williams). And six teams took home cash prizes:

Final Scores

Rank Team # Team Name Total
1 11138 We’re Not Here to Make Friends* 60
2 17876 Coastal Elites 60
3 10348 Secular Healing 59
4 10285 Bruce Jennertalia 55
5 10213 Dick City Population Weiners 52
6 22302 Don’t Suck 48
7 10518 Mighty Mighty Puffins 47
8 12107 The Stumps 47
9 18156 Pettifoggers 46
10 11023 The 4 Eyes Quartet 45
11 11885 How Bout Them Bruins 45
12 10064 Streets of Rage 45
13 12043 Giant James And The Peaches 45
14 14240 Counter Intelligence 43
15 12170 Highway Stars 43
16 10187 Danile 43
17 13502 Those People 42
18 10021 The Hightops 42
19 14365 The Mighty Baanchoos 42
20 14156 SNAFU Worldwide 42
21 15676 Mike Tyson Speech School 41
22 14895 Oscar de la Bob 40
23 10073 Crippling Autism 40
24 13572 Paddington Kills 39
25 16720 The Irregardless 39
26 13232 Our Team 39
27 13079 The Gene Pool 38
28 10418 Bakshi Boys 38
29 10643 Because Jeopardy Won’t Let Us Drink… 38
30 10355 La La Land 2: Dan Mitchell’s Revenge 37
31 10919 Zach Attack 37
32 10058 Nintendo 69 37
33 14452 Bad Mama Jamas 37
34 10068 Ruby’s Drag Race: All Stars/Season 2020 37
35 10481 Box Wine Children 36
36 14204 See you Next Tuesday 36
37 11501 Pacific Courier 35
38 22505 Boardwalk Eleven 34
39 17981 Drunk in Public 34
40 14799 Trivia Amigos 34
41 15103 Steamed Hams 34
42 13567 The Dil-dont’s 33
43 16814 Sharks On The Ark 32
44 17921 Digressionary Funds 32
45 10065 Gazpacho 31
46 17670 Pussy over Pancakes 31
47 10011 Eat Me I’m A Danish 31
48 10028 Mr. No Poster Shop 30
49 12369 Ship of Fools 30
50 11769 Awesome Sauced 30
51 10016 Westros Basptist Church 30
52 14196 Swedish Fish Oreos 29
53 15859 The Chuckleheads 29
54 17756 Choke Me Harder, Daddy 29
55 12782 Hodge Podge 29
56 18843 The Pannidos 28
57 10291 Zombie Caviar 28
58 15101 What’s Left of the Avengers 26
59 20934 Ssshhh 26
60 16043 The Implication 24
61 16661 Mr Poopybutthole 24
62 15751 Agents of the Zeitgeist 23
63 18024 Burnt Champagne 23
64 16567 Spacedust and Ovaries 23
65 10155 Tequila Mockingbirds 22
66 13483 Flaming Toxic Trivia Monkeys 21
67 10033 Team of Enchantment 21
68 11696 Indifferent Penguins 19
69 13196 Jessicas Team 19
70 10435 Penis Riot!! 19
71 10962 Flying Chanclas 18
72 17814 Oedipus and The Motherfuckers 17

*Won Tiebreaker