By: Richard Bond On: July 1, 2021 In: Season 12 League Play Comments: 0

League Play is Back and Better Than Ever!

With our new Scoring App, it’s never been easier to register your team and play King Trivia®. This newest season will run for 30 weeks, from July 5th, 2021 until January 30th of 2022. 

Make sure you create your team, invite your friends, and upload a team photo. Oh, and don’t forget to grind your opponents into sawdust!

With King Trivia going nationwide and out of an abundance of caution with COVID-19, there will be no Tournament of Champions at the conclusion of Season 12. Instead, trophies and other good things will be awarded to our top teams at the end of the season! 

Play as many times as you like, even multiple times a week. Have a bad night? Not to worry. Only your top 20 league scores will count toward your league ranking. You can view your scores and Team Beat Average on the page for your venue, or see how you rank nationally by visiting the rankings page.

Your ranking is determined by your League Score, which is made up of your top 20 Team Beat Averages during League Play. If (and when) there is a tie atop the leaderboard, the average of ALL of your Team Beat Averages will be used to break the tie. 

League Play FAQ

  • How do I register my team and get a team number?

When you create your team online you will receive a team number.  At every game, just log in with your email and team number and your scores and Team Beat Average will be recorded automatically. To see your team page, go to the website and log in (located in the top-right corner of the site). From there, you can invite your friends, post a team photo, or check on your recent results.

  • Can I use my team number from last season?

Yes! You keep your team number if you played last season. No need to create a new team. Just select your existing team in the app when joining the game!

  • Can my team play multiple times in one night?

Typically NO!  The only time a team can play two times in one night is when one of the games is a themed event.

  • How many players can be on my team?

At our regular weekly games the official rule on team size is as follows:  You may have as many people on your team as you want until other teams start to bitch and moan or the Quizmaster decides it is too many.  At that point, at the Quizmaster’s own discretion, he or she may choose to split you up and institute a team size limit for the night.

  • Are there any other rules for league Play?

Yes, there are two primary rules that exist for King Trivia’s® League Play:

  1. “Have fun” is a simple rule. Have a good time. Imagine you are playing King Trivia® on a tropical island while sitting under a palm tree sipping a pina colada. Enough said.
  2. “Don’t be lame” is a little more complex. Here are a few of the infinite number of examples of being lame:

Playing a 7 pm game then running to another bar to play the exact same questions at 9 pm is extremely lame. Challenging the Quizmaster is “having fun”, but harassing the Quizmaster is inherently lame. Cheating is lame. Remember that regular game rules apply:  No shouting out answers – No outside sources (such as calling a friend or Google) – The Quizmaster’s rulings are final.

Breaking the rules can have grave consequences and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

  • What if my score is incorrect on the website?

Occasionally, little things slip through the cracks, but not often. Report the indiscretion right away if you see an error in your team’s rankings and we’ll work to get to the bottom of it.