By: Richard Bond On: July 14, 2023 In: Season 16 League Play Comments: 0

A League of Our Own

League Play is back and swaggier than ever!!

Over 20 weeks from August 15th – December 31st, you will be battling the best trivia teams from all over the country. And, for the first time, have a chance to be featured as part of King Trivia’s Awards Week.

Register your team at your next trivia night and the King Trivia App and Rankings page will keep track of all the points you earn this season. It’s as easy as switching over to Threads from Twitter – sorry Elon.

Your League Score will be the sum of your Top 12 scores during the League Play period. Play as many times as you like to achieve the highest score and smush the competition. King Trivia believes in you!

The Rankings page is updated daily so you and your fellow cult members can monitor your progress throughout the season. And who knows? Maybe Netflix’s next documentary will be about you!


The Prizes

Podium Prizes – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place teams will receive trophies live in-venue as part of King Trivia Awards Week in January.

Top 10 – The Top 10 teams in the country will receive $100 gift cards to the King Trivia merch store, we know you’ve been eyeing those KT boxers…

Top 100 – The nation’s Top 100 teams will be sent commemorative patches to let everyone ELSE know you are part of a club that is way more exclusive than those MENSA dorks.

Best Team Name – Think your team makes the best puns? Prove it! At the end of the season, the King Trivia admin team will vote on the best team name used in League Play.

Prize Raffle – Look, we know not everyone knows the difference between Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney. That’s ok! This is a prize you don’t need to be particularly good at trivia to win. Just play in
12 games during the qualifying period and you will be entered to win. We’ll draw 10 teams at the end of the season and send some swag your way!

League Play FAQ

  • How do I register my team and get a team number?

When joining a game, you will be given the opportunity to create a new team or select an existing team you are already on. Once in the game, you can easily add your teammates by having them scan a QR code on their own device!

In order to invite teammates and make sure your team is registered for league play, make sure to log in using your email or phone number before joining the game.

  • Can I use my team number from last season?

Yes! If you played last season, you’ll still be able to use that team number. No need to create a new one. Just select your existing team in the App when joining the game!

  • Can my team play multiple times in one night?

Typically NO! The only time a team can play twice on the same day is when one of the games is a Themed Event.

  • How many players can be on my team?

At our regular weekly games the official rule on team size is as follows: You may have as many people on your teams as you want until the other teams start to complain OR the QM decides that it is too many. At that point, at the Quizmaster’s own discretion, they may choose to split you up and institute a team size limit for the night.

  • Are there any other rules for league Play?

Yes, there are two primary rules that exist for King Trivia’s® League Play:

  1. “Have fun” is the simplest one. Have a good time. Imagine you are floating peacefully drifting off in space, answering questions in a whisper while you gaze at the ethereal heavens.
  2. “Don’t be lame” is a little more complex. Here are a few (of the infinite) examples of lameness:

Playing a 7 pm game then running to another bar to play the same questions at 9 pm is extremely lame. Challenging a Quizmaster is “having fun”, but harassing the Quizmaster is super lame. Cheating? Lame. Remember the regular game rules apply: No shouting out answers – No outside sources or Google – The Quizmaster’s rulings are final.

Breaking the rules can have grave consequences and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

  • What if my score is incorrect on the website?

Occasionally, little things slip through the cracks. Report the indiscretion right away if you see an error in your team’s rankings and we’ll work to get to the bottom of it.