By: Ashley Menzel On: August 17, 2020 In: Spotlight, Uncategorized Comments: 0

Michael Cornacchia has been living and working in entertainment in Los Angeles for over two decades.  Michael was in “Legion of Super Heroes,” voicing Bouncing Boy, a super hero that blows up like a ball and bounces. #boing Michael believes he is incredibly talented and extremely humble. He also likes peanut butter. … like, a lot.

On Joining King Trivia®: I wanted to host trivia with King Trivia® because they are the BEST trivia game in town and because of their cool mesh backed trucker hats.

Best Trivia Topic: The topic I would dominate in trivia is anything that has to do with “The Godfather.”If I were a drink: Vodka straight —>even though I’m not.

One song for me to enter the room to for the rest of my life: Total Eclipse of the Heart