By: Ashley Menzel On: August 3, 2020 In: Spotlight, Uncategorized Comments: 0

Mike manages an administrative team for a direct-to-consumer marketing company, works as a freelance Voice-Over Artist, and moonlights as a King Trivia® “King” look-alike. He’s traveled to over 35 countries, and has been to Europe 20 times (a personal best). In his spare time (which is considerable these days), he enjoys watching movies, discovering new music, playing PC games, discovering pug videos, quietly crying and walking in the same loop around his apartment.

On Joining King Trivia®: Always a big fan of trivia, but never winning, I decided to see if getting the questions and answers in advance would help me win. Still waiting on that W. Realistically, I enjoy entertaining folks, and it’s a great way to meet people, get out of the house, and learn a lot of absolutely random facts.

Best Trivia Round: For those who have been to my shows, geography is easily my strongest suit. Whether its capital cities, their airport codes, location, or even currencies that are related to certain countries, I’m pretty damn good.

If someone were to describe you as a drink, which one would it be? An ’85; a really good year for this blend. Full-bodied, smooth, nutty, sometimes bitter, but has some sweet notes if you store properly and handle with care. Best chilled, and paired with something delicious.

If you could learn any one skill without having to try, what would it be? It would be flying a plane. That looks extremely complicated and a lot of hours that I’d prefer not to put in to master.