By: Ashley Menzel On: August 24, 2020 In: Spotlight Comments: 0

My family (wife & 2 kids) and I moved in faith to Seattle a couple years ago from the comforts of our Bay Area home. I’ve been pastoring since 2002 and am currently campus ministering at the University of Washington. I enjoy watching movies, acting, socializing, eating good food, drinking good drinks, getting good deals, emceeing, hosting, entertaining, energy producing, creating a fun welcoming atmosphere, and most of all – engaging people, inspiring their hearts, and impacting their lives. Fun fact: I discovered my talent & passion for emceeing the first time I did so at a friend’s wedding and since then, I’ve emceed 18 wedding receptions.

On Joining King Trivia®I wanted a way to engage the world outside of my usual context by doing something I enjoy and can bless others with. I reached out to King Trivia® and was eventually given opportunities to host shows here in Seattle. I love entertaining guests and meeting new people. Hosting with King Trivia® has given me opportunities to do that.

Best Trivia Topic: Hmm…probably trivia about Back…to the Future! I grew up watching this trilogy multiple times and just recently showed them to my kids. So good.

Most Interesting Thing About Me: On cruises, I karaoke in front of strangers and dance at the night club each night until strangers become friends. I dance off all the food I ate during the day…and this is all while my wife & kids are in bed.

One Skill I’d Like to Gain Without Trying: It’d be great to speak with an amazing English accent that I can use for trivia hosting, entertaining, conversing, and tricking people.