By: Thomas Todd On: May 14, 2021 In: Themed Events Comments: 0

“This is How We Do It”

King Trivia Presents You Oughta Know: A 90s Music Theme Quiz.

Does modern pop radio annoy you? Can you not stand to look at Ed Sheeran’s sheepish grin? Are you wondering why MTV doesn’t play music videos? Then this is the quiz for you!

The 90s were the decade that brought us grunge, Girl Power, and whatever the heck the Backstreet Boys were trying to accomplish. Now all it does is bring us nostalgia, and we’re for it!

Got a denim jacket in a drawer somewhere? How about some hip-huggers? Good, because COSTUMES ARE GREATLY ENCOURAGED. Somewhere out there is the actual hat that Sir Mix-a-Lot wore in the “Baby Got Back” video. Find it.

You may see some of your favorite King Trivia Quizmasters playing as well, but not to worry – they paid for their tickets just like you and the questions were safely secured in Justin Timberlake’s ‘fro.

And for those with commitment issues, there’s No Strings Attached!


Thursday, May 27th at 7 pm PT


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