By: Mary Gillett On: June 27, 2014 In: News, Themed Events Comments: 0

Let’s be honest, the 90’s were awesome! We had Pogs, TV shows where people got slimed, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles didn’t suck! The 90’s had great bands like TLC, New Kids On the Block, Spice Girls, Chumbawamba, and Savage Garden. The 90’s had intrigue with the Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky scandal, the OJ trial, and the Harding & Kerrigan scandal.

King Trivia is representing the 90’s all week long!! From September 1st – September 7th, anywhere that you play King Trivia it will be a 90’s themed quiz! Unlike our other themed events this will be free to play, just be sure to order & tip well.

So if you can finish the rap “In West Philadelphia born and raised….” then you should be hangin’ with us all week long!