By: Thomas Todd On: April 30, 2021 In: Themed Events Comments: 0

“Oy with the poodles already!”

King Trivia Presents “Coffee, Please, and a Shot of Cynicism: A Gilmore Girls Theme Quiz”.

Grab your fast-talking friends, load them with caffeine, and play some trivia! Whether you prefer a burger at Luke’s Diner or a salmon filet at Friday Night Dinner, this is the quiz for you. We won’t make you choose between Dean, Jess, and Logan, there’s plenty of room at the Dragonfly for all three.

Show up in your flannel and backwards baseball cap because COSTUMES ARE GREATLY ENCOURAGED. Who could forget Lorelai’s Suburban Cowgirl look on Rory’s first day at Chilton?

You may see some of your favorite King Trivia Quizmasters playing as well, but not to worry – they paid for their tickets just like you and the questions were safely secured in Richard Gilmore’s safety deposit box.

Copper Boom!


Thursday, May 27th at 7 PM PT


On Zoom