By: Ashley Menzel On: February 15, 2021 In: Themed Events Comments: 0

Take your shot!

It’s been six years since it’s Broadway debut on January 20th, 2015, but we just can’t stop singing the songs! We decided the world was wide enough for King Trivia Presents: The Zoom Where It Happens – A Hamilton Theme Quiz.

It will be a true Cabinet Battle, as you square off against other Hamiltonians and Jeffersonians. Leave your dueling pistols at the door, but COSTUMES ARE GREATLY ENCOURAGED. History has its eyes on you.

You may see some of your favorite King Trivia Quizmasters playing as well, but not to worry – they paid for their tickets just like you and the questions were safely secured by General Washington. It must be nice to have him on your side.

Bring your friends, family, and Peggy!


Thursday, March 4th, 2021


On Zoom