By: Mary Gillett On: May 4, 2014 In: News, Themed Events Comments: 0

King Trivia presents: Star Wars Theme Quiz— 2.5 hours of Star Wars trivia in honor of Star Wars Day (May the Fourth)!

DATE: Sunday, May 4th

TIME: 8:00 PM, come early for a spot!


1739 Public House
1739 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027


Dallas Beer Kitchen
1802 Greenvile Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206

CONTENT: The quiz will be 99% about the ORIGINAL Star Wars trilogy from the 70s and 80s, though some knowledge about character back-story won’t hurt you. (No cartoon, comics, books, new trilogy.)

Padawans, we ENCOURAGE you to come adorned in your finest Jedi robes… Or maybe just your Darth Vader T-shirt. Whatever works.

It’s only $5 a head to play (cash only at the door) – The FIRST place team will walk away with 50% of the proceeds from the door… in CASH! We’re also going to be giving away gift certificates!

Your team can have all the scum and villainy you want on your team until the Quizmaster says “break-it-up”. Let’s be realistic here… Who the heck really wants to split prize money 15 ways?

Devoted King Trivia players might notice some of our emcees playing along… Don’t worry, they’re coughing up the $5 too and NO ONE but the Quizmaster sees the quiz prior to game play. It’s on LOCKDOWN.

Come and celebrate Star Wars Day the RIGHT way… Hanging out at the Cantina with all your weird looking buddies, drinking blue milk.