By: Mary Gillett On: February 5, 2016 In: News, Themed Events Comments: 0

In celebration of our favorite FBI duo being back on the scene, we will be hosting this exciting themed quiz, which contains 2.5 hours of X-Files trivia! It’s only $5 a head to play (cash only). The FIRST place team will walk away with 50% of the proceeds from the door… in CASH! We’ll also be handing out other awesome prizes! Dress up as your favorite character, as costumes are GREATLY ENCOURAGED!

99% of the trivia will come from the original TV series, but knowing the films and the special 2016 season won’t hurt! Your team size is limited to six Lone Gunman. Everybody in attendance must pay, even those that are just spectators. Because, as we’ve learned, spectators turn out to be the Smoking Man. And he knows everything.

You may see some of your favorite King Trivia quizmasters playing as well. But not to worry, they paid their $5, and no one but Assistant Director Skinner has access to the answers until game time.

So grab your flashlight, polish your badge, and get ready to prove that the truth is indeed out there…