By: Ashley Menzel On: July 25, 2023 In: Uncategorized Comments: 0

Music Bingo 

Music Bingo by King Trivia has officially launched! 

It’s easy to see why Music Bingo by King Trivia is a recipe for success: we play fun, lively music (which all of your guests will want to sing along with) and add an element of competition.

Much like Trivia and Survey Slam, the game materials will be digital (so no paper bingo cards flying around or bingo daubers). Players will have a bingo card on their phones filled with song titles and musical artists. Portions of each song will be played, the artist and song title will be announced (so this isn’t “name that tune”- but those who know the answers quickly will have an advantage).

Your Customer Service Rep 

Did you know that you have a dedicated Customer Service Rep in Michael Houston? You can reach out to Michael for any questions you have and he is there to help.

Themed Events

Does King Trivia offer themed events? Yes, we do! You can check out our list of current themes and other details.